Interesting facts about Picasso

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      195

Among other painters, Pablo Picasso shines so brightly that he outshines most other artists. This master of genius became so famous during his lifetime that his name was known by art lovers all over the world. In addition, painting brought him not only fame but also wealth. By dedicating his life to the artistic craft, Picasso turned the entire art world upside down and actually became a reference point for thousands of other artists.

Facts from the biography of Pablo Picasso.

  • The last name “Picasso” is of Italian origin, as the painter had Italian roots on his mother’s side.
  • At his baptism, the newborn received the imposing full name Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martir Patricio Ruiz y Picasso.
  • His full surname was a combination of his mother’s and father’s surnames, Ruiz y Picasso, but he became known by the latter, as it was the one he usually signed his works with.
  • The house-museum of Pablo Picasso is located in the south of Spain, in the city of Malaga, where he was born.
  • At the birth of Picasso, the doctors decided that the baby was born dead. Fortunately, they were wrong, but all those present had time to get pretty nervous.
  • The artist’s father was a teacher of drawing, and he taught the future genius of painting to draw from an early age.
  • Picasso’s biography mentions an amusing fact: the first word he uttered as a small child was “pencil”. In Spanish, of course.

  • At the age of 14, Pablo Picasso enrolled in the School of Fine Arts. They did not want to admit him at first, because he was too young, but eventually he was given a chance, and he passed the entrance exams brilliantly.
  • Picasso signed his first works with his father’s full name - Ruiz Blasco.
  • The first two personal exhibitions of Picasso’s work were held in 1900 in Barcelona. Then he was only nineteen years old.
  • At the School of Fine Arts, he eventually did not finish school, abandoning his education against the will of his parents and moved to France.
  • When Pablo Picasso was a child, his mother always read him bedtime stories, which she herself composed as she went along.
  • A close friend of his, Carlos Casahemas, committed suicide when he was still young. This event shocked the artist and left an imprint on his future work, and Carlos subsequently became a character in some of his paintings.
  • In France, Picasso first lived in a special hostel for poor artists.
  • It was he who invented such a genre of painting as cubism.
  • The first picture (not a drawing!) Picasso wrote when he was only 9 years old.
  • He painted over 20,000 paintings during his life.
  • The first time after moving to Paris, a very expensive city, Picasso had no money at all. Once it even got to where he had money for firewood in the winter, and he stoked the stove with his own canvases to keep warm somehow.
  • Picasso often sought models in hospitals, and he did it in a very strange way - he dressed up as a doctor and walked around hospitals, looking at patients. He attracted haggard and unhealthy faces of patients.
  • For several years, he collaborated with Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, a famous ballet company.
  • It was Pablo Picasso, who created the most expensive painting ever sold. One of his canvases went for $179 million at auction.

  • His canvas titled “Dream,” which went on sale for $149 million, was damaged by the owner of the painting right during the presentation. That, of course, was upset, but he restored the painting, and also changed his mind about selling it.
  • The value of all paintings sold by Picasso was estimated at more than 260 million American dollars.
  • The painter lived with his wife for a short time, but never officially divorced her.
  • He was popular with the ladies, and he had many mistresses. The last of them was 45 years younger than Picasso himself.
  • He could be called the most commercially successful artist in history.
  • One hobby of Picasso was a writer - he wrote both prose and poetry. True, it was still his artistic talent that brought him fame, not his literary one.
  • The real estate, which went to his heirs, was estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. The cost of paintings was not included in this figure. Impressive!
  • It was Picasso’s paintings that were stolen from museums around the world more often than any other artists. Although the absolute leader in the number of thefts belongs to the famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Picasso was not only an artist but also an illustrator. His services were expensive, but they were in demand. He created over 34,000 illustrations for books and magazines during his lifetime.
  • The artist was not a religious man and always called himself an atheist.