Interesting facts about Sicily

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      152

The cozy island of Sicily has a rich history and an equally rich culture, very interesting from a variety of points of view. Customs and traditions are still very strong here, and despite the penetration of modern values from other countries and from Italy itself, Sicilians are still very conservative in mass.

Facts about Sicily

  • Cicero, the famous ancient orator, lived here for a long time.
  • Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The locals speak Sicilian, although most know Italian as well.
  • Because the continental plates are constantly moving, Sicily is slowly, very slowly moving toward Italy itself.
  • The Sicilian Museum in Palermo contains the oldest surviving European document. It was written in 1109.

  • Medusa Gorgon, the mythological monster of ancient legend, lived here. And the other legendary monsters, Scylla and Charybdis, according to legend, lived in the strait between Sicily and the neighboring island of Calabria.
  • The opera house in the Sicilian city of Palermo is the largest in the entire country.
  • The Sicilian poet Giacomo Lentini invented the sonnet, which later became one of the most widely used forms of poetry in the world.
  • For a long time, Sicily was an independent state.
  • Around the 10th to 11th centuries, Sicily, then home to about 2,000,000 people, was the most densely populated place on earth.
  • Volcano Etna, the highest active volcano in all of Europe, is located here. It arose because of the junction of the litho spheric plates beneath Sicily.
  • Giuseppe Balsamo, who went down in history as an adventurer who presented himself as Count Cagliostro, actually existed. And he was born in Sicily, in Palermo.
  • Mafia as a concept and as a criminal organization originated here, although it has since spread widely around the world.
  • In Sicily, the custom of blood feuds is still strong.

  • Here are the ruins of many ancient cities. Sicily was once one center of ancient Greek civilization.
  • The famous inventor and scientist Archimedes was also a native of this island.
  • For 15 years, Sicily belonged to Austria.
  • In the Sicilian commune of Casteltermini, there is the world’s oldest wooden crucifix created at the time of the birth of Christianity. It is over two thousand years old.
  • The island of Sicily surpasses such countries as El Salvador, Israel and Slovenia. It is roughly equal to another country, Northern Macedonia.
  • Despite such a rich history, Sicily can not be called an economically prosperous region. The standard of living here is almost half the average in Italy.