Interesting facts about South Africa

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      95

As one of the most developed countries in Africa, South Africa, or the Republic of South Africa, is a very interesting place. It is not too much like the typical Africa! In the winter, for example, it can even be cold here. And some parts of the country look like they were transported all the way from somewhere in old Europe. But at the same time, South Africa is not a safe country. Unfortunately, there are enough problems with crime situation here, so tourists should be careful.

Facts about South Africa

  • South Africa once had nuclear weapons, but it voluntarily gave them up, thus leaving the “nuclear club”.
  • Until 1994, South Africa had a discriminatory apartheid regime which explicitly divided the rights of the local population according to skin color. The rights of the black population were severely restricted.
  • The South African city of Johannesburg is included annually in various rankings of the most dangerous cities in the world.
  • South Africa is notable because it is surrounded by the small state of Lesotho. Lesotho has no direct connection with the outside world at all.
  • In most countries of the world, the prestigious districts are located closer to the city center, and the poorer districts are on the outskirts. In South Africa, however, the opposite is true. Respectable and quite safe suburbs, slum-like and extremely dangerous center - this is a typical local picture.

  • In most of the towns and cities, you can drink tap water with no worries.
  • There are 11 official languages in South Africa. These are English and the languages of the main local ethnic groups.
  • The unemployment rate in South Africa has remained critically high for many decades, reaching almost 20%.
  • It was in South Africa that the world’s first successful heart transplant was performed.
  • South Africa is where most of the world’s diamonds are mined. Many of the diamond mines here are well over a hundred years old and are over 6,000 meters deep.
  • There are over 28,000 educational institutions on the territory of South Africa.
  • It is on the territory of the Republic of South Africa that the largest meteorite trail on Earth is located. This is the Vredefort crater.
  • South African drivers are the most law-abiding and careful ones in Africa.
  • Over 99% of South Africans have a driver’s license. Public transport is scarce and not very safe, so a car in South Africa is not a luxury but a necessity.
  • The most widely spoken language in South Africa is Afrikaans. It comes from the Flemish dialect of Belgian language.
  • About 10% of South Africans are of Caucasian race. There used to be up to 40% of them in the country, but after the fall of the apartheid regime, most of them emigrated.
  • Gasoline in South Africa is partly made from oil, like everywhere else, and partly from hard coal.
  • Despite the turbulent crime situation, bribery and corruption are virtually non existent in South Africa.
  • South African money is called rands. It takes its name from the Witwatersrand mountains.

  • South Africa’s highest mountain peak, Njesuti, rises 3,410 meters above sea level.
  • Rooibos, a tea-like beverage which is very popular in many countries, is produced mostly in South Africa.
  • South Africa is the second largest exporter of fruit in the world.
  • There are about 18,000 different species of plants growing all over the country.
  • Most of the local cuisine is like European cuisine. No special exoticism.
  • Of all the African countries that exist today, South Africa is the only one that has never had a coup d’état in its history.
  • South Africa has not one but three capitals. One administrative (Pretoria), one judicial (Bloemfontein) and one legislative (Cape Town).
  • South Africa is the third largest country in the world in terms of coal consumption for power generation.
  • Most people in South Africa believe in supernatural forces like spirits and ghosts.