Interesting facts about Sri Lanka

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In the south of Asia, Sri Lanka is a hot tropical country, full of spices and incense. It is related to India, but it is quite different, which is especially clear, if you spend at least a month there and there. There are a lot of similarities, but it is impossible not to admit that this tropical island is really beautiful.

Facts about Sri Lanka

  • The population of Sri Lanka is about equal to the population of Beijing.
  • The European name of the island on which this state is located, Ceylon, used to be in use. Yes, the famous Ceylon tea is grown here.
  • Only two languages here have the status of the state - Tamil and Sinhalese. English has a special status and serves to communicate between the different ethnic groups living in Sri Lanka.
  • In local cafes, food is often served either on leaves instead of plates or on ordinary dishes wrapped in clingfilm. This is all so that you don’t have to wash the dishes afterwards.
  • Translated from the ancient Sanskrit language, “Sri Lanka” means “Blessed land.
  • About 70% of Lankans are Buddhists. That is their major difference from their kindred Hindus - in India Hinduism is widespread, and here the Hindus are only about 20%.
  • Prices here are often given without considering the 10% tax, and you must keep this in mind to properly calculate their costs. This is especially true for rental property.

  • In contrast to the inhabitants of India or Bali, the Lankans are usually very reluctant to haggle.
  • For locals to visit temples, parks and other popular places is much cheaper than for foreigners.
  • The most popular dessert treat in Sri Lanka is ice cream. It is sold here literally on every corner.
  • Buffalo milk is popular along with cow’s milk. If you are not a professional taster, there is no noticeable difference in taste.
  • In Sri Lanka are very popular pastries, which are not too typical of most countries in South and Southeast Asia.
  • Cheap street cafes use sliced newspapers instead of napkins.
  • The penalty for smoking in public places in Sri Lanka is decent and by local standards - about 37 dollars or 5 thousand local rupees.
  • The maximum speed limit set is 72 km/h. However, local drivers do not care.
  • The front seats in buses in Sri Lanka are reserved for monks and pregnant women.
  • Instead of toilet paper, Lankans use sanitary showers, or even a bucket and a bucket of water, just like in Thailand.
  • Sri Lanka is the world’s third largest tea producer, behind only India and China. About 10% of the world’s tea is produced here, which is over 300 thousand tons annually.
  • The most popular sport is cricket. In 1996, the Lankan team even won a first place in the world championship.
  • Doors in local trains during the movement are never closed, so that it is not so hot in the carriages.

  • The symbol of the country is the star lotus flower.
  • New Year in Sri Lanka is celebrated in April, not in winter as we do.
  • One of the most popular tourist spots is Mount Sigiriya, on the way to the top of which you have to climb the stairs of 1001 steps.
  • Tea, for which Sri Lanka is so famous, was brought here by the British. Before that there were no tea bushes here.
  • The level of literacy here is higher than in any other country in Southeast Asia, except for Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • The famous movie “Mosk across the River Kwai”, which made famous the Thai city of Pai, was actually filmed in Sri Lanka.
  • Many men here wear skirts.
  • Scientists believe that Sri Lanka is the birthplace of cinnamon.
  • By law, all religious holidays of all the teachings prevalent on the island are a holiday for all, regardless of personal religious beliefs.
  • Elephants are highly esteemed here, and the killing of this animal is punishable by life imprisonment.
  • As in other Buddhist countries, it is not customary here to shake hands when meeting each other.
  • With divorce, the ex-husband must pay his ex-wife half of his salary for the rest of his life. This is probably why the divorce rate here is one of the lowest in the world - about 1%. It is lower only in Malta and the Philippines, where divorce is prohibited at all.
  • The mourning color in Sri Lanka is not black, as in most countries, but white.
  • There are a lot of wild and often cheeky with impunity monkeys, and they often steal things from tourists who get lost.
  • The beach in the southern coastal city of Tangalle is popular because you can watch the sunset and sunrise from there.

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