Interesting facts about Tokyo

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The Japanese capital of Tokyo today is one of the most modern cities in the world. It is clean, safe, quiet, but unaccustomed to the Japanese color can shock foreigners from strange vending machines, flashing everywhere neon signs, futuristic home appliances and much more. And the Japanese are very conservative, so some of them look down on foreigners. However, this does not happen too often, and Tokyo is worth a visit to this city. Just be sure to have some money - it’s not cheap here.

Facts about Tokyo

  • In large Japanese cities, many landlords forbid keeping pets, so in Tokyo appeared “cat cafes” - for a low fee visitors can choose a cat and pet it while drinking lemonade or tea.
  • The Tokyo subway is the largest in the world in terms of passenger traffic - it is used by 3.2 billion people a year. Interesting is the fact that there is even a special position here - oshiya, or pushers, whose duties include pushing passengers into overcrowded carriages.
  • Tokyo did not become the capital of Japan until 1868. Before that, for 1075 years, the capital was Kyoto.
  • In some places here may not foreigners. Right on the door may hang a sign that means “foreigners are not served”.
  • Because of the high price of real estate in Tokyo are widespread capsule micro-apartments.
  • It was at Shibuya Station in Tokyo that Hachiko the dog came to meet and see off his master for many years.
  • Public transportation in Tokyo is the most reliable, affordable and fastest way to get around. But it’s still not cheap.

  • The asteroid Tokyo, discovered in Tokyo in 1900, was named after the city. It is an irregularly shaped celestial body about 81 kilometers in diameter.
  • Despite the relative popularity of tattoos among Japanese youth, a person with a tattoo on an exposed part of the body is unlikely to be allowed into any decent restaurant. In Japan, tattoos are firmly associated with the Yakuza and the underworld.
  • Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan and houses over 2,600 animals. Once a year, the zoo is closed for 2 months to give the animals a break from visitors.
  • So many people live in Tokyo that the temperature in the city is always higher than in the suburbs by 5-8 degrees.
  • In order to get rid of traffic in Tokyo built a huge number of highways, but to pass through them always pays.
  • In Tokyo is the famous restaurant “Aragawa”, which from year to year takes one of the first places on the list of the most expensive establishments in the world.
  • If in Tokyo you tell the Japanese at least a couple of phrases in their language, they are thrilled, because they believe that foreigners simply can not learn Japanese because of its phenomenal complexity.
  • Every year up to 150 earthquakes are registered in Tokyo, but they are not too powerful.
  • The population density in Tokyo is one of the highest among the cities of the world, and per person there are only 4 square meters. More than 35,000,000 people live in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  • The Tokyo Zoo is closed every year for two months, so its inhabitants can rest from visitors.

  • The GDP of Tokyo alone is higher than the entire GDP of Australia.
  • There are a lot of single people in Tokyo who have never been in any kind of relationship with the opposite sex. Because of this, the suicide rate is extremely high.
  • Tokyo occupies only 0.6% of Japan’s land area, but this city provides it with a third of its GDP.
  • If Tokyo were a separate country, it would be in 15th place in the world in terms of GDP.
  • The ubiquitous vending machines in Tokyo sell everything from chocolates and hamburgers to used women’s underwear.
  • Walk down any street in Tokyo and you’re almost certain to find a haunted house. At least, that’s what the locals believe.
  • Tokyo is the safest metropolis in the world. Tokyo is so safe that young children use public transportation on their own.
  • Tokyo’s Shinjuku-Ni-Cheme neighborhood has the highest concentration of gay bars in the world.
  • Dressing up as a character from your favorite manga or anime and staging a performance in Tokyo is a perfectly normal leisure activity.

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