Interesting facts about bartenders

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Interesting facts about bartenders It turns out that bartenders have their own professional holiday. International Bartender’s Day is celebrated on February 6 in many countries around the world. This profession appeared in the middle of the XIX century in the United States of America, during the “Gold Rush”. The man behind the bar was engaged in pouring drinks and preparing cocktails. And in 1862, Jerry Thomas published “Bartender’s Guide”, a peculiar guide to drinks, cocktails and rules of conduct for barmen.

The oldest bartender in the world is Angelo Cammarata of Pennsylvania. At least that’s what the Guinness Book of World Records claims. Angelo stood behind the bar in 1933, as a young man, and for 79 years he remained true to his chosen profession. There was a break in his career of several years, when during World War II the bartender was drafted to the army. The veteran bartender retired when he was well into his 90s. And began writing his memoirs. He had a lot to tell.

Visitors naturally notice that there are far more males than female bartenders. However, women also have their own record-breakers: an Englishwoman Dolly Savile worked as a bartender for 74 years. During those years, she poured over 2,000,000 pints of beer. Dolly Savile died at 101. Only a few weeks before her death, the old lady stopped working, but was on the payroll until her last days.

German bartender Michael Sturm set a world record for carrying beer glasses in 2017. He carried 26 glasses in his hands over a distance of 40 meters. In order for the record to be set, the participant was required to save at least 90 percent of the drink along the way. The tireless bartender decided not to rest on his laurels and set a new milestone - 29 glasses.

The Belgian Bart Wain is considered being the most hardy barman in the world. He worked behind the bar for 102 hours in a row. The unusual achievement was registered in the cafe “Plenty” (East Flanders). After each hour of work, Wayne could rest for five minutes. If the record holder refused to take a break, this time was carried over to the next hour. Thus, Bart Wayne could even sleep for 45 minutes.

There are even world championships among bartenders. The organizer of these competitions is the International Bartenders Association. The primary purpose of the competition is not only to show their skills but also to exchange experiences. In 2018, the world championship was held in Estonia. About 200,000 viewers around the world watched the live broadcast from Tallinn. Traditionally, bartenders compete in two categories: “Classic” and “Flaring”. Classic bartenders are required to know how to make cocktails. But in the second category, artistic skills are evaluated, such as bottle juggling.

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