Interesting facts about beans

Posted on Mar 13, 2022      309

Many dishes include beans, and in some countries they are an integral part of the national cuisine, for example, in Mexico. It contains a lot of useful substances, not to mention the fact that it is simply delicious. Although, of course, everything depends on how it is prepared, and everyone’s tastes are different.

Facts about beans

  • One hundred grams of beans contain about half of the daily allowance of fiber for the average adult.
  • They also contain a lot of iron, which is necessary for normal hematopoiesis. Red blood cells, the red blood cells, cannot form without iron in the body.
  • In terms of protein content (up to 25-30%) beans are almost a record-breaker among all plant foods. So do peas.

  • Dark varieties of beans contain more nutrients and vitamins than light ones.
  • It seems that mankind began to cultivate beans around 5,000 to 7,000 years ago.
  • Both the seeds and the pods of this plant are used as food. We all know green beans, right?
  • The bean is native to South America. It was later introduced to Europe and Asia from there by the discoverers.
  • In ancient Egypt, beans were used to make cosmetics, in particular face whitewash. There are assumptions that even the famous queen Cleopatra used similar bean cosmetics.
  • The length of the bean stem can be up to 3 meters.
  • The first European who got to know beans and subsequently brought them to the countries of the Old World was the famous Christopher Columbus.
  • In Great Britain, the bean is called the Dutch bean, because the plant came to England through Holland.
  • In all, there are now about 200 different varieties of beans in the world.
  • French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte believed that beans helped strengthen muscles and improve brain activity, and therefore commanded to always include them in the army ration.
  • China is the world’s number one bean-producing country. It is followed by Brazil, the United States, India and Myanmar.
  • They contain more protein than chicken meat.
  • The bean varieties called “Ad Rem” and “Akito” smell noticeably like mushrooms.

  • Bean pod extract is used for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.
  • A total of about 25 million tons of beans are produced in the world each year.
  • They contain more vitamin C than apricots, peaches or plums.
  • Red beans are toxic, and eating them raw can poison you. But when cooked, the toxins are broken down.
  • On average, one bean weighs about 1 gram.
  • Every last Sunday in November, Bulgaria celebrates Bean Day.
  • Caterpillars eat beans among other plants. However, the Lima variety of this plant has developed a unique defense system - as soon as the plant feels the saliva of the caterpillar, it produces an aromatic substance that attracts wasps, which, in turn, are enemies of caterpillars.
  • In China, Korea and some other Asian countries, beans are used to make flour, which is then used to bake a variety of cakes.
  • The composition of bean protein is very similar to that of meat protein, and it is absorbed by the body by about 75%.