Interesting facts about beavers

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Amazing animals beavers are unlike other inhabitants of the Earth. These mammals spend a huge amount of time in the water. They build complex structures and gnaw at trees in a way that even professional woodcutters could envy them.

Beaver Facts

  • The family of these animals is not many. It includes only two species, the common beaver and the Canadian beaver.
  • Beavers are fish! At least, that’s what Catholic monks claimed for a long time. This was probably done deliberately so that they could eat their meat during Lent. Beavers spend most of their time underwater - so fish.
  • The beaver is the largest rodent in Europe. And in the world it occupies the honorable second place, bigger than him only the capybara, which lives in South and Central America.
  • In the Eastern Europe they killed beavers for their fur about 1000 years ago. As a result, by the XX century, these rodents were on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, their population has been restored.

  • Winter stocking of beavers from branches, for one family, could be up to 70 cubic meters in volume.
  • Scientists have noticed that the shape of a beaver’s dam depends on the speed of the current: where the current is small, the dam is straight, and where it is strong, the dam is curved toward the current.
  • The beaver’s tail is simultaneously a rudder, a regulator of body temperature, and an expressor of feelings. If the animal is angry, it beats its tail.
  • Natural enemies of the river beaver are wolves, brown bears, and foxes, but the greatest damage to the population of this species is caused by man, who exterminates beavers for their valuable fur and meat.
  • The cubs of these animals usually stay with their parents until they are at least 2 years old.
  • The beaver has transparent eyelids. Thanks to this, he can swim underwater with his eyes closed and orient himself perfectly in space.
  • Beavers carefully strip a fallen tree - they separate branches, chew up the trunk into several parts, and float it all down to their hut or to a dam.
  • Beavers are strict vegetarians. Their main diet comprises bark and shoots of coastal trees.
  • In one day, an adult beaver can consume food that weighs 20% of its own weight.
  • Boundaries of their territory, beavers mark with beaver jet, the secretion of their musk glands. Each animal’s scent is as unique as a person’s fingerprints.
  • One family of beavers usually covers an area of two or three square kilometers.

  • These amazing animals are found only on two continents, Eurasia and North America.
  • On small rivers and streams, beavers build dams to raise the water level to protect their huts. Otherwise, their dwelling will be on dry land, and predators can get to its inhabitants.
  • The two beaver species that exist in the world cannot interbreed with each other, despite their external similarity.
  • The claw of their second finger is split in two for easier combing.
  • By the beginning of winter, the beaver’s tail accumulates up to 50% of all body fat, while in summer it accumulates only 15%.
  • The body length of an adult beaver may reach 100-130 cm, including the tail.
  • They can stay underwater for 10-15 minutes, swimming up to 500-750 meters during this time.

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