Interesting facts about bowling

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Facts about bowling Games similar to modern bowling were widespread on our planet many centuries ago. And the oldest room where such competitions were held, archaeologists discovered in Cairo a few years ago. The structure was built about four thousand years ago.

Among the modern active bowling areas, the oldest is located in the English city of Southampton. It was opened back in 1299. For a long time, the kings of England were wary of this game, because it distracts men from more important activities such as archery.

For many years in the U.S., women were forbidden to have fun “throwing balls”. And this ban was approved by the Congress. Representatives of the weaker sex could defend their rights only in 1917, when the International Women’s Bowling Congress was opened in St. Louis.

Nowadays, bowling is a mechanized game. The pins are set by special devices - pinspotters. And until the middle of the last century, you had to resort to the services of a “pin-boy”, a person who set the pins, returned the balls, and was engaged in counting the scores of the players.

Bowling pins used to be made of wood, mostly maple. Nowadays only the core is made of wood, and the pins are covered with high-strength plastic. For manufacturing balls, used a variety of materials such as polyester or urethane. Before 1959, rubber was used as a coating.

For the pin, after hitting the ball, to fall, it is enough to deflect only 7.5 degrees.

In the thirties of the twentieth century, one owner of a bowling club in Ohio came up with an original advertising for his institution: he designed a car as a pin and drove it through the streets of his native city. Naturally, such an unusual vehicle could not help but attract attention.

In 1984, the Bolling Hall of Fame and Bowling Museum were opened in St. Louis, USA. Since 2010, they are located in Arlington, Texas. Anyone can learn about the history of bowling, buy souvenirs and equipment for the game, and get advice from professional players.

For a long time bowling was just entertainment, but now it is a serious sport, where vast amounts of money are invested. Back in 1982, Earl Anthony became the first player in the world who made a million dollars just by bowling. Against his backdrop, Dick Weber’s achievement seems more than modest. But it was Dick who became one of the first bowling professionals, and in 1959, he earned “as much” as $7,672.

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