Interesting facts about boxing gloves

Posted on Aug 10, 2021      143

Boxing Gloves Facts What are boxing gloves for? Most people, far from boxing, believe that to soften blows and, therefore, for the safety of the athlete who missed that blow. This is not true - the gloves are designed primarily to protect the hands. Also, doctors claim that since boxers began entering the ring wearing gloves, the number of fatalities has exploded. Knuckle blows to the head without gloves could seriously injure the hand, so such blows were inflicted less frequently.

Weight of boxing gloves is measured in ounces (one ounce is a little over 28 grams). However, according to the rules of boxing, the weight should equal only an even number of ounces. For example - 10, 12 and so on.

The American professional boxer-weight John Sullivan became the first athlete in the United States, who could earn 1 000 000 dollars. But, he went down in boxing history not only because of this fact: Sullivan also became the last world champion in heavyweight boxing without gloves. It happened in 1889.

And the first official world champion with gloves was James Corbett. On September 7, 1892, he defeated the same John Sullivan in the fight for the title. Corbett is also considered being the inventor of the boxing “punching bag”.

In England, boxing gloves first appeared in the 15th century. They were made of leather and stuffed with horsehair, but such gloves were used for trainings only. It was a common practice to enter the ring with bare fists. To strengthen their hands, boxers rubbed their hands with a special solution which was based on vodka and vinegar. It was not until 1867 that the Marquis of Queensberry suggested that gloves should be used in boxing matches.

In 1747 the famous English boxer Jack Broughton opened a school where anyone could learn the “art of boxing” The advertisement said that the classes would be “provided with mittens, which will reliably protect against the discomfort of black eyes, broken jaws and blood from the nose”.

Horsehair has long been the gloves’ main filler. But, now synthetics are replacing it. Virtually every manufacturing company uses a different composition, which is a kind of “trademark”. In addition, there is no division into gloves for men’s and women’s boxing.

In 1971, the legendary Muhammad Ali suffered his first career defeat. He was defeated by no less famous Joe Frazier. The fight, called “the fight of the century” was broadcast in 35 countries around the world. Although Ali had not had his best fight, the gloves in which he stepped into the ring were sold at auction in 2014. A wealthy collector, Jeff Rosenberg, bid nearly $400,000 for them.

Two years later, he resold them for a profit. The buyer, who decided not to give his name, has already paid 606,375 dollars. Mohammed Ali’s gloves, in general, are extremely popular among rich fans of boxing. For example, the gloves in which he in 1964 came out to fight with Sonny Listonom, went for 836 500 dollars.