Interesting facts about corn

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      376

The homeland of corn is Mexico. It was here several thousand years ago that it could be domesticated by local Indians. The wild corn cobs were tiny. Nowadays, a huge number of varieties are being grown in Mexico, and the cobs can be not only yellow but also red, blue and black.

Corn is one of the most widespread crops on our planet. On the total sown area it is second only to wheat. And corn is especially esteemed in its motherland, Mexico. On the average, every Mexican eats over 90 kilos of corn every year.

The right to be called the home of corn is also contested by Ecuador. Here, in the city of Hipihapa, there is even a monument on the corncob. However, it is not the only one in the world. Similar constructions cannot be counted: there are several monuments in the USA and also in Ireland and on the island of Bali.

The famous Cuban poet José Martí once said: "The whole glory of the world is housed in a grain of corn". Fidel Castro liked to quote these words. Perhaps that’s why many Cubans believe the stone on the tomb of the leader of the Cuban Revolution looks like a grain of corn.

It is believed that corn roots can absorb the smallest particles of gold. And if you burn a ton of corn cobs, you can get a few grams of the precious metal. To tell the truth, there is not any news about mass production of gold from corn yet.

At the present time, wild-growing corn is not found anymore. Even if a cob falls to the ground, it rots rather than sprouting the following year.

A special corn is used to make popcorn. The kernels of this variety contain an enormous amount of moisture. When heated, the kernel explodes, producing a characteristic popping sound. On 22 January every year is celebrated the Birthday of Popcorn. It was on this day in 1630 when English settlers received a big bag of popcorn from one of the Indian chiefs.

The technology of making corn flakes was patented in 1895 by Kellogg brothers from the USA. They were granted a patent for the production of “Peeled Corn Cereal.”

Medics recommend that corn be eaten regularly. It has been proven to strengthen tooth enamel, improve brain function, the digestive tract, and is excellent for tumor prevention.

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