Interesting facts about flags

Posted on Mar 13, 2022      312

Every country has a national flag. What about the country - even cities, independent organizations and many people have them? In all this diversity is difficult to understand, although it is quite curious - some samples are very unusual. We’ve gathered some information for you on the subject.

Facts about flags

  • The science that studies them is called vexillology.
  • The Philippine flag is flipped upside down during war.
  • All state flags in the world have a rectangular shape. All except the Nepalese flag - it comprises two connected triangles.

  • In Denmark, the law forbids public insult (e.g. burning) of any national flags, except the Danish flag itself.
  • Pirates have never used a flag with a skull and bones - that’s a movie staple. More often than not, pirate ships had no flags at all. Sometimes they used a black cloth, but often raised the flags of this or that country for camouflage.
  • The oldest flag used to this day is the Danish flag.
  • Austrian and Lithuanian flags are almost identical. They differ only in hue. The same situation once caused a conflict between Monaco and Indonesia.
  • Most countries in the world lower their flags as a sign of state mourning. In Saudi Arabia, however, there is no such tradition.
  • International law officially recognizes the white flag as a symbol of peace negotiations. Opening fire on those carrying it is considered a crime.
  • The most recognizable flag in the world is the pirate’s “Jolly Roger,” with skull and bones or, sometimes, crossed sabers.
  • The planet Mars also has its own flag .
  • The Olympic Games are always opened with the flags of Greece, as they appeared in this country.
  • Used until 1968, the flag of the tropical islands of Turks and Caicos featured igloos, the icy dwellings of the Eskimos. Generally it was supposed to be piles of salt that were mined there, but the designer got confused and drew black doorways to them.
  • Red, white or blue colors are present on the flags of all nations except Jamaica .
  • The U.S. flag changes every time a new state joins that state. If Puerto Rico does become a full-fledged state, the 51st star will be added to the star-striped cloth.

  • Most ships sail under “flags of convenience,” preferring the flags of Liberia and Panama.
  • The flags of most Muslim countries bear the crescent moon.
  • The only flag in the world that bears the image of a scientific instrument is the Portuguese flag. The golden circle on it is an armillary sphere, a navigational tool from the days of the sailing fleet.
  • The flag of the African country of Mozambique bears the image of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.
  • The Roma flag features the chakra wheel, a Hindu symbol that is also found on the flag of India. It is a tribute to the historic homeland of the Roma.
  • The flag of Cambodia depicts the major symbol of this country - the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat.

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