Interesting facts about human bones

Posted on Jan 31, 2021      258


Bones and muscles allow humans to move, and movement, as we know, is life. They are one of the principal parts of the body. Here are some interesting facts about human bones that may surprise you with their capabilities.

1. The strongest bone of the human skeleton is being the jawbone. Therefore, it is not surprising that the chewing muscles are also among the strongest in the body. The strength of their pressure in the normal state reaches from 9 to 15 kg.

2. Curiously enough, there are fewer bones in the body of an adult than in a child. Thus, there are over 200 bones in it, when babies have up to 300 of them. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple - when growing up in the body, it fuses some bones, forming formations.

3. The longest bone is the femur. It is about 27% of a person’s height.

4. It recognizes the shortest as the stirrup. It is in the middle ear and does not grow over 3.5 mm. By the way, this bone does not increase in size from childhood to death.

5. The main mass of human bones is in the limbs. The legs and arms account for over 50% of all bones.

6. Like tissues, it renews bones. This process takes seven years. Thus, during this period, a person gets new bones.

7. Bones have great strength (they surpass granite by 2.5 times). They can withstand considerable weight. For example, a bone block the size of a matchbox can hold a load of 9 tons.

8. Hip bone can grow wide. It triggers this process when a person becomes overweight. In this way, nature prevents the bone from curving under significant weight.

9. When breathing, the ribs are constantly moving. In a year, they make about 5 million movements.

10. It connects all the bones in the human body to each other. However, there is one, the hyoid bone, which is in the throat, that is not connected to any other bone.

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