Interesting facts about ink

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Ink, as the dictionaries say, is a colored liquid that is used for writing and drawing or printing. The most ancient ink was discovered by archaeologists in Egypt. Egyptians made it from ash from papyrus roots, which was mixed with a solution of gum - gummy sap of cherry or acacia trees. Such a mixture had one big disadvantage - with time it would dry out and fall off the paper.

9 interesting facts about ink:

1. In Ancient Greece and Rome, it was strictly forbidden for commoners to write with red ink; only the rulers could use it. Cinnabar and purple were included in it. Black ink was made of more available materials such as grapevine, charcoal and fruit pips. There were many recipes for the black ink.

2. On oak leaves, you can often see round growths called galls. These are pathological growths that can be caused by various viruses, bacteria or traces of insect bites. Our ancestors used galls for making ink: they were infused in kvass or vinegar in warm place, iron filings and cherry resin were added to the solution. This ink was popular all over Europe; the manuscript of writer and theologian Simeon Polotskiy preserves the recipe of its production dated 1659. This ink was called “iron ink.

3. The “boiled” ink was more affordable, though of lower quality. They contained all kinds of ingredients such as oak bark, sap of redroot berries and even mushrooms called coprinus. Aging, they form a watery mass of ink. To make such ink more stable, “iron” was added to it.

4. At the end of the nineteenth century, the inkpot was replaced by typewriters. It is believed that the first work printed on a Remington was the novel Tom Sawyer by English writer Mark Twain. The impact mechanism left an imprint of the text on the paper with a special ink ribbon.

5. Exactly with the help of ink people passed their thoughts and knowledge from generation to generation. Not without reason, English romantic poet George Byron once said: “One drop of ink is enough to ignite the thoughts of millions of people.

6. Octopuses, cuttlefish and squids, in case of danger, can emit a substance very similar to ink. It can be used for writing. It is also used in restaurants to make various pasta sauces.

7. The most expensive ink in the world is made by the designer Diddo. He makes them from money bills. It takes about $10,000 to make a small tube of ink. Naturally, only very wealthy customers can use it.

8. Comics editor Mark Grunwald was an employee of Marvel Comics for almost 20 years. He passed away in 1996 because of a heart attack. Before his death, Grunwald stated his corpse should be burned and his ashes mixed with ink to be used for comic book printing.

9. The American George Parker rid humanity of the need to constantly dip his pen in the inkwell. In 1889, he received a patent for the production of fountain pens. The principle of capillary retention of ink was applied. During the First World War Parker developed special pellets, which when mixed with water turned into ink. They became very popular in the army in action. In the twenties Parker advertised his products originally: the pen was thrown from an airplane, which flew at an altitude of several hundred meters. The pen remained intact. Even the ink didn’t leak out.

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