Interesting facts about millionaires

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      122

Every day, the number of millionaires on our planet increases by about 65 people.

Is it necessary to have an excellent education to become a millionaire? Preferably, but not necessarily. If you believe the statistics, every fifth millionaire has no higher education. And only 6% of them have a PhD.

Not every millionaire could achieve success in business on the first try. There were those who had to start from scratch 4-5 times.

American Don King, one of the richest sports managers in the world, once walked into a store and bought 110 pairs of shoes at once, paying $64,000. But, this is, rather, the exception to the rule. Sociologists from the U.S. argue that half of the millionaires in this country do not buy shoes more expensive than $140 for a pair.

Austrian Karl Rabeder was born into a poor family. The boy from an early age dreamed of becoming rich. But, having accumulated a solid capital, Karl realized that millions did not bring him happiness and spent all his fortune on charity.

James Wilson from the United States became a millionaire at a more than mature age. By the age of 84, he was a staunch opponent of any gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes. In order to convince his relatives that it was all a fraud, he bought the first lottery ticket of his life. Beginner’s luck - the pensioner immediately became the owner of 256 million dollars.

The successful investor Nicolas Berggruen, who earned over 2 billion dollars, is homeless. Under the open sky, though, he does not spend the night. Nicholas simply decided that living in one house was boring and sold his luxurious mansion. He prefers to live in hotels and travel around the world.

Roger Gray, a psychologist in Great Britain, made his million on stingy men’s tears. He simply assured his clients that men live less than women because they rarely cry. Gray opened special courses where men are taught the art of proper crying.

Irishman Pat Bark became a millionaire, unusually. He often visited relatives in the United States who asked him to bring a handful of earth from his native Ireland. Pat got the idea: Why not sell Irish land? In 2009 alone, he shipped about 240 tons to the United States. However, the U.S. customs were not thrilled with such packages, because germs could get into the country along with the land. However, the enterprising Irishman was not confused and developed a method to purify the land.

But the Chinese Chán Guang Biao could even make millions “out of thin air”. Simply, the air in his native Beijing, to put it bluntly, is not the cleanest. So Guang Biao sold special cans filled with the scarce commodity. Soon, the invention brought in an income of 8,000,000 dollars. However, Chen Guang Biao himself says that for him the chief thing - not profit, and the desire to attract the attention of the authorities to environmental issues. Therefore, he spends a significant part of his income on charity.