Interesting facts about motorcycles

Posted on Jun 17, 2021      44

Motorcycles on the planet are no less than cars, if not more. In cold countries two-wheeled steel horses remain mainly the lot of enthusiasts, but the closer to the equator, the more you can see mopeds and motorcycles of all classes on the streets. Nothing surprising - the cheapness and economy of this mode of transport take their toll. Although, speaking of serious two-wheeled vehicles, you can forget about cheapness and economy.

Interesting facts about motorcycles

  • The most common fork in the world is telescopic. It was developed by BMW in 1932.

  • The famous manufacturer of heavy motorcycles Harley-Davidson at one time in cooperation with Italian companies produced low-cubic capacity mopeds for the market of this European country.
  • The first motorcycle with an internal combustion engine was built by German engineer Gottlieb Daimler in 1885, although already in 1869 there was a prototype of a steam motorcycle, which ran on coal.
  • The first motorcycle, which conquered the speed limit of 160 km / h, was the Brough Superior SS100, shown to the public in 1924.
  • The famous manufacturer of sports motorcycles, Ducati began by producing radio components, retraining on the production of motorcycles only after World War II.
  • The first motorcycle was designed in a frame made of wood.
  • The first to install the production motorcycle airbag began Japanese Honda Corporation, equipped with this useful thing their model GL1800 Gold Wing.
  • The most powerful motorcycle, not counting existing in a single copy - Tomahawk, developed by the company Dodge. With its monstrous weight, it can reach speeds of up to 676 km/h. There are 10 such Tomahawks in the world.
  • The famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki got their names after the names of their founders.
  • The carburetor of the first Harley-Davidson, assembled in a shed literally “on a knee-high”, was made of a can.

  • For the first time, somersault on a motorcycle was made in 2000.
  • The company Harley-Davidson for a long time tried to patent the firm sound of its motors. This canonical snore of a powerful air-cooled engine is an object of adoration of the majority of admirers of this brand.
  • Before the Great Depression, there were many companies making motor vehicles in the USA, but only two of them - Indian and Harley-Davidson - survived it.
  • The gearshift system used on modern motorcycles was developed in 1927 by the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Velocette.