Interesting facts about puzzles

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The word “puzzle” itself means “riddle” or “jigsaw puzzle”. And the first jigsaw puzzles appeared a long time ago, in the 1860s.

And it all started when London mapmaker and publisher John Salisbury created an original geography textbook. He glued a printed paper map to a thin board and then sawed it with a jigsaw into individual pieces along the contours of the national borders.

The invention quickly gained popularity in English schools, and studying geography turned from a tedious memorization into a fascinating game. Puzzles were purchased even for the royal children. True, at that time puzzles were not cheap: the cost of a set exceeded the average monthly wage of an English worker.

For a long time, puzzles were used only for the composition of the individual fragments of maps. Only in the XIX century, thanks to the development of printing technology, puzzles were made of cardboard, which made them available to the general population. In addition, from black and white puzzles became color puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles produced a variety of subjects: reproductions of paintings, photographs, cars, and so on. Nowadays, I can't think of a theme which would not have produced puzzles.

In the U.S. in the first half of the last century, there were even high-speed jigsaw puzzle tournaments. At the team competition gathered a vast canvas, comprising thousands of small fragments. By the way, and now such tournaments are held, although much less frequently.

In 2001, the government of Liberia issued a silver collector coin, which was made as a puzzle, dedicated to the signs of the lunar calendar.

Collecting puzzles is not only interesting but also useful activity: doctors say that this hobby is an excellent prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nowadays, in order to collect jigsaw puzzles, it is unnecessary to go to the store. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of options for this fun with a very different number of pieces and ways to connect them. Puzzles online are finding more and more fans around the world. Interesting facts about puzzles.


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