Interesting facts about the Grand Canyon

Posted on Mar 22, 2021      296

Interesting facts about the Grand Canyon is a great way to learn more about famous natural landmarks. It is one of the most unusual geological sites on earth.

So, here are the most interesting facts about the Grand Canyon.

Interesting facts about the Grand Canyon

  • The Grand Canyon is the largest and deepest canyon in the world.
  • On the territory of the Grand Canyon, archaeologists could discover rock paintings that are over 3 millennia old.

  • Did you know that today the Grand Canyon is considered the second largest canyon in the solar system, second only to Mariner’s Valley on Mars.
  • At the edge of the canyon is a viewing platform with a glass floor. It is worth noting that not all people dare to set foot on this platform.
  • The Grand Canyon is 446 km long, with a width of 6 to 29 km and a depth of up to 1.8 km.
  • Each year, over 4 million people from different cities and countries come to see the Grand Canyon.
  • This area is home to a particular species of squirrels, which are found only here and nowhere else.
  • An interesting fact is that since 1979 the Grand Canyon is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Once a sightseeing plane and a helicopter collided over the canyon, circling over its expanse. The pilots of both aircraft wanted to show passengers the local scenery, but it resulted in the death of all 25 people who were flying in them.
  • Today you won’t see any stores or stalls around the Grand Canyon. They were closed after it was discovered that it was the retail outlets that were the major source of garbage.

  • Most of America’s population  is proud that the canyon is in their state.
  • In 1540 the Grand Canyon was discovered by a detachment of Spanish soldiers searching for gold deposits. They attempted to descend the canyon, but were forced to go back because of a lack of drinking water. Since then, the canyon has not been visited by Europeans in over 2 centuries.
  • In 2013, American tightrope walker Nik Wallenda crossed the Grand Canyon on a taut rope without the use of insurance.
  • The Grand Canyon is one of the best examples of soil erosion.