Interesting facts about traffic jams

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      287

Every day, millions of people around the world stand in traffic jams. This is a kind of tribute for the opportunity to live in a metropolis. Traffic jams are a problem in all major cities, but no effective way of dealing with them has yet been found.

1. In India, cows are often the culprits for traffic jams. After all, in Hinduism, these animals are recognized as sacred, so disturbing the peace of a cow lying on the roadway is considered simply unacceptable. The number of cows roaming peacefully on the streets of Indian cities is about five million.

2. It is believed that the longest traffic jam was about 200 kilometers long. It happened in 1980 in France. This event was included even in the Guinness Book of Records. Millions of motorists were driving home after a holiday in the Alps. The track was shrouded in a thick fog, which caused many accidents. However, there is information that the record is outdated. There have been more impressive traffic jams in China.

3. In Pakistan, a few years ago, the highway was blocked for the motorcade of the country’s President Asif Ali Zardari. A pregnant woman was being taken to the hospital. The police refused to let the car pass, so the baby was born right in the car. The president himself, upon learning of this, said that in such cases, alternative routes should be provided to avoid such misunderstandings.

4. For every seventh American, the biggest problem in traffic jams is the lack of a toilet. The company “TravelJohn” helped sufferers by establishing mass production of mini toilets for such situations. You can order such a thing in the company itself via the Internet, or buy it in roadside stores. True, the price is much higher there.

5. With the growth of megacities and the increasing number of cars in them, there is even a traffic-phobia, fear of traffic jams and the accumulation of many cars. Many city dwellers, barely waking up, already begin to fear that they may find themselves in a traffic jam.

6. Some people suffer in traffic jams, while others make money from it. For example, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where over 10 million people live, there is a special service. If a person gets caught in a traffic jam, he can call the company. After a while, two employees will arrive on a motorcycle. One of them will sit in the car until the traffic jam clears, and the other will take the client on a motorcycle to the address indicated.