Interesting facts about whiskey

Posted on Feb 15, 2021      171

What is remarkable about the drink of whiskey?

It is impossible to say where and when whiskey was first produced. Some suggest that it originated in Ireland, others believe that it was the crusader knights who got the recipe from the Arabs during their expeditions to the East.

But the word “whiskey” itself is of Celtic origin and can be translated as "water of life". 

It is well documented that already in the 15th century whiskey was produced in Ireland and Scotland. It is believed that these countries began to produce whisky by processing barley which had nowhere to store during the harvest years and could go bad because of humidity. But in 1579 in Scotland the harvest was very poor and the Parliament of the country adopted a special law according to which only the nobility could drink whisky.

Until 1846, no grain other than barley could be used for making whisky. After the ban was repealed corn, wheat and rye came into use.

In Scotland in 1860 a law was adopted whereby true whiskey must be matured for at least three years and only then could it be bottled. Good whiskey in the bottle keeps its flavor for a century. That is why investing in whiskey is considered an excellent investment: it keeps for a long time and the price rises.

If the label says “whisky”, it means that the drink was produced in Scotland. If it says “whiskey,” it means any other country.

The major producer countries of whiskey are Ireland, the UK (Scotland), Canada, the United States and Japan. It is noteworthy that France is considered one center of cognac production, but whiskey is more popular in this country.

In Scotland whiskey is aged in sherry casks, for in the 18th and 19th centuries sherry was popular in England. The thrifty Scots bought up the empty casks at a moderate price and used them already in the production of whiskey.

Doctors say that regular consumption of whiskey at a dose of 50 to 100 grams a day will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Whisky is said to be drunk on ice. This tradition originated in the southern United States, where the climate was hot, and therefore cold whiskey was more pleasant to drink. However, true gourmets say that ice kills the unique flavor of true whiskey.