Is it true that birds will give up their chicks if a man touches them?

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      240

Birds living in the wild are extremely cautious and attentive creatures. Probably, because of this, there is an opinion that wild birds can give up their chicks if a man touches them.

How can a person show his presence to the parents of a chick? Only by leaving the scent on the baby, while he will hold it in his hand. But in order to smell it, the birds must have a great sense of smell, which the absolute majority of birds are poorly developed. They certainly can’t tell by the smell that a man touched the chicks.

And the birds are extremely caring parents. Try to approach the nest of wild birds: parents will immediately raise the alarm and will try to take you away from the chicks. Some individuals are even willing to sacrifice their lives for offspring. So they certainly will not leave their chicks, if someone had carelessly touched them.

What to do if you, walking in the woods, suddenly see a helpless chick falling out of the nest? Will you put the poor chick back or leave him on the ground, hoping that his parents will find him? After reading the beginning of this article, you will probably choose the second option. But not that simple.

Surely, the reader has heard such a definition as a “fledgling” - they are called the chicks that recently left their parents’ nest and knew the world on their own. They do not look like adult birds yet, look helpless, almost unable to fly and let people near them. But in fact, such a phenomenon is a natural biological process, in which the chick knows the world around on its own. At the same time, it is surely near to the nest, and parents continue to help and feed it. If you put such a chick back in the nest, you can only slow down its development, which in the harsh world of wildlife is likely to lead to the death of the chick. That is why most zoologists strongly advise people not to interfere in the wild nature. It is quite possible that instead of really helping the chick that fell out of the nest too early, you will interrupt the natural course of things and harm the family of birds.