Is red wine superb for your health?

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      223

It has long been believed that drinking red wine in reasonable amounts is good for the body. Some note, for example, that people who have a glass of red for dinner are less prone to heart disease and on average live longer than those whose diet does not include red wine.

Additional research on the subject over the past two decades has revealed an element called resveratrol in red wine. Experiments on rodents have shown that resveratrol has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, reducing the likelihood of tumors. Resveratrol increases lifespan in some animals, such as short-lived fish. This substance, when ingested with red wine, had an extremely positive effect on humans as well.

But now scientists are not so sure about the benefits of red wine for humans. A recently completed nine-year study involving 783 elderly people living in two Italian towns famous for their red wine distillation made them change their minds. Resveratrol levels were measured and detailed statistics were kept daily for nine years.

After nine years, 250 participants died, 174 were diagnosed with various heart diseases, and another 34 were diagnosed with cancer. Comparing resveratrol levels in healthy subjects, those who were sick, and those who had died, scientists found absolutely no evidence that this element, which is the most useful component of red wine, has any influence on longevity or disease.

It turns out that red wine is not as useful as previously thought, and the benefits of resveratrol for humans are exaggerated. In addition, red wine contains at least 35 other substances, the effect of which on the human body should be studied in more detail.

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