Jade is a stone of tranquility

Posted on Jan 22, 2021      142


Jade has a powerful energy. It gives people a sense of gentleness, fairness, pursuit of knowledge, moderation in life, courage, and purity.

It promotes happy changes, leads out of a dead end. They credit jade with giving vitality, good health and longevity. Jade normalizes blood pressure, improves lung and heart function, protects hair from drying out, strengthens the liver, stomach, heart, bones, the entire circulatory system, vision, and hearing.

According to color therapy, green speeds up cell formation and growth, promotes tissue regeneration and formation of muscle fibers, increases the body’s defenses, has a calming effect on the psyche.

Many studies conducted by archaeologists and scientists-historians have proven that every stone on Earth is endowed with a powerful biologically active force. In connection with this circumstance already long time the person studies minerals and their influence on health of people.

The science which is studying force of stones and minerals has received the name - lithotherapy. As it appeared, each mineral or stone is capable to influence on health of people differently: one lowers pressure, another - rises, one slows down the bloodstream, another - strengthens.

If used skillfully, each stone can be a cure, but, if handled incorrectly, the mineral can have a negative effect and even become the enemy of a person’s good health. This article will discuss jade and its healing properties. Jade was already known about 8,000 years ago. Ancient people called it the “ stone of life.

It is a mineral which is green with different shades and inclusions. Sometimes, though rarely, it is found in white, blue, yellowish and brown colors. “Nephros is translated from the Greek as “ kidney.

They named this mineral for its resemblance to the human kidney. However, many people, of course, prefer to compare nephrite to the color and shape of tree buds. People learned the healing properties of this amazing stone a long time ago. Many excavations of scientists and archaeologists attest to this; many people still carried jade as a remedy, not as an adornment, but to fight illnesses centuries ago.

Many Oriental sages considered jade a mineral much more valuable than gold and silver. According to them, jade was said to have five primary qualities which helped change even a person’s state of mind. For example, the hardness of the stone was said to bring justice, its soft luster was said to bring mercy, its translucence was said to bring sincerity, its pure color was said to bring wisdom, and the change of color was said to bring masculinity.

Ancient proverbs also testify to the dominant power of jade and to the deep respect and reverence for it. Here is an example, “Gold has a price, jade is priceless” or “Morals are as pure as jade”. Physicians in China were also aware of the healing properties of jade. They used it to warm the stomach and kidneys, and to keep the body in good shape and ensure longevity.

Today, lithotherapists continue to recommend nephrite as a treatment for the urogenital system and as a treatment for metabolic disorders. They prove it that nephrite can cure thyroid disorders, and stabilize blood pressure, improve blood flow to the organs and reduce cholesterol levels. Nephritis should also apply to the head when a person has frequent dizziness, migraines, atherosclerosis, and eye disease. Psychotherapists say that it is good for mental imbalances and apathy, and it is also good for mental imbalances.

It is said that jade is a real wonder stone, which is more expensive than gold, and it is a pity that very few people know about it and use it. Nowadays, modern people use precious and rare minerals more than jewelry than as an excellent remedy given to us by nature itself to promote health. After all, nature, like no one else, can take care of our health and happiness on earth. All we have to do is bent over and look under our feet. Maybe there is an effective “medicine” under our shoes - nephrite?