Newton’s Day

Posted on Sep 5, 2021      53

Newton’s Day is celebrated on January 4. It is the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton. It was on January 4, 1642 was born, an outstanding genius of science, the merits of which are simply priceless. He was recognized as “the property of humans”.

The birth of the infant was difficult. The delivery took place prematurely, fearing for Isaac’s life. His relatives were in no hurry to christen the boy. Fate disposed differently. The famous scientist lived 84 years and rarely ever got sick or ill, despite his poor health as a child.

The outstanding English mechanic, physicist, mathematician, and astronomer were associated with epochal discoveries. Such as 3 laws of mechanics, the law of universal gravitation, first outlined by the scientist in the classic work “Mathematical Beginnings of Natural Philosophy.” Not only that, but Newton discovered differential and integral calculus, the laws of physical optics, created the color theory, makes fundamental discoveries in astronomy and hydraulics. The list of his areas of scientific interest is endless.

Besides scientific activities, the hard-working and responsible scientist finds time to actively engage in public activities as a parliamentarian. In 1696 on the recommendation of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Charles Montague, approved by the King of England, Isaac Newton became the keeper of the mint of Great Britain. Meticulous and punctual activity in this field has rid the country of counterfeiters, prevented an economic crisis and opened up opportunities for the future well-being of the English.

Sir Isaac Newton was the first Englishman to receive a lofty title for scientific achievement.

Therefore, it is only natural for the scientific community to widely celebrate Newton’s Day on January 4 with a series of events associated with the name of the outstanding scientist. A tribute to the memory of the greatest genius of humanity is the traditional visit to the grave of the latter in Westminster Abbey in London. “In intellect he surpassed humans,” even the official church acknowledged.