People who got rich off chance find

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      255

Accidental Finds in 1992, Eric Laus, an amateur treasure hunter from Suffolk County, England, was approached by a local farmer. He explained he had lost a hammer somewhere in the field. And Lauce had a metal detector, a rather rare thing. They soon forgot about the hammer, as they found something more valuable - a treasure from the Roman Empire. Lying on the ground were 565 gold coins, over 14,000 silver coins, and many pieces of jewelry. Under British law, hoards are handed over to the state, and the finder is paid a cash equivalent. The find was valued at £1,750,000.

American Michael Parks liked to wander through the thrift stores of his native Nashville in search of antiquities. At one of the flea markets, he bought an old candlestick and a yellowed copy of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. True, at home, Michael carefully examined the sheet of paper and doubted that it was a copy. The examination showed that the document was indeed a copy. 200 such copies were issued in 1820 and signed by John Quincy Adams, the Secretary of State, who later became the President of the USA. Thirty-five copies survived, and this was the 36th. The document was sold at auction for $477,650.

Even luckier was Tony Maron, also a resident of the United States. He bought a box of old documents at a flea market. He paid only five dollars. Among the papers were shares of some oil company, which later merged with Coca-Cola. Maron found out that even now these securities made it possible to exchange them for Coca-Cola stock. Tony became the largest shareholder of the company among individuals: he had 130 million dollars’ worth of shares.

Bernice Gallego, a 72-year-old retiree from California, cleaned up her house. Among the piles of garbage, she found an old photo of a baseball team. It should be noted that this sport is extremely popular in the United States, so Bernice earned a few dollars and put her find up for auction on the Internet. She had no idea that a real “massacre” would begin for the photo. The ultimate price - more than $ 75,000 dollars. The photo was taken in 1869.

But Radivoje Lajic of Bosnia asserts that money literally falls on him from the sky. Since 2007, his house has been bombarded by meteorites. It’s already happened six times. One of these “gifts” Layich sold at a profit to a university in Holland. However, he disposed of the money practically: he reinforced the roof of the house with steel plates.

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