Rituals for good luck from famous people

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Everyone has his own omens and talismans, in the power of which he sincerely believes. Even the most superstitious people beware of broken mirrors, spit over their shoulders when they meet a black cat and call for “free luck” during exams at university. Some do it with a smile and without thinking about the meaning of the act, while others carefully analyze and try to find a connection between omens and life’s troubles.

Famous, talented people are no exception. This is exactly what the writer from America Ellen Weinstein demonstrated. The talented girl is characterized by superstitiousness, so she was interested in studying the habits and rituals of celebrities. In the spring of 2018, she released the work “Recipes for Good Luck: The SuperstitionsRituals, and Practices of Extraordinary People ”. In the book, Ellen talks about sixty-five people known to the world, and their talismans. We will reveal the most interesting facts in this article.

Coco Chanel and 5 for good luck

The most famous Frenchwoman liked to go to fortune tellers and seers. One of them told Chanel that she should stick to the number 5 in life, which promises good luck and happiness. She heeded this advice: she showed her collections only on the fifth day of the month, and at home she hung a lamp twisted as a symbolic number. Even the luxurious perfume, which brought Coco world fame, was called “Chanel No. 5”.

Pablo Picasso never parted with his things.

The eccentric painter feared that his identity might disappear if he threw away his closet items, clipped bits of hair and even bits of fingernails. House resembled an entire warehouse of clothes and paintings. By the way, to sell their paintings, Picasso also did not seek, preferring to keep them close to him.

Charles Dickens and the north side

The famous writer and literary critic was a very pragmatic man, but with its oddities. For example, he believed he must sleep facing the North, and be sure to check the compass before departing into the realm of Morpheus. According to Dickens, only a rest contributes to a quick recovery and productive creativity. It sounds ridiculous, but, remembering the brilliant works of Charles, you think about his words.

Yoko Ono and the love of a match flame

Popular avant-garde artist Yoko Ono has been drawn to the play of light and shadow since childhood. By chance, she discovered that the fluttering light of an extinguished match had a beneficial effect on her well-being, calming her down and helping her think more productively. Over time, playing with a small flame became a habit. The artist advises the unusual ritual of all his acquaintances and journalists.

Diane von Furstenberg and a lucky coin

The father of the famous fashion designer in times of war and disaster found and hid in his shoes a pure gold coin of twenty francs. He did not spend the money, but took it as a good sign and used it as a talisman. After a while, the caring father gave his treasure to his daughter, who was just beginning her journey to the pinnacle of fame. Diane von Furstenberg confessed that she always put a gold franc in her shoes before the upcoming fashion show.

Frida Kahlo and the Magic Garden

The bold artist from Mexico became famous for her depiction of delightful landscapes. Enchanting paintings filled with love, Frida painted with a certain autobiography. The woman adored her garden, which she reverently cared for until the end of her life. Many of her paintings depict flowers from the very garden that astonished even experienced growers with its fragrance. Being in the shade of fruit trees, Kahlo drew inspiration and could spend hours on the brush, obeying the magical muse.

Dr. Seuss and the Case in the Hat

The famous writer and cartoon creator T. Geisel, better known under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss, collected hats. During his life, he collected almost three hundred hats of different styles, designs, sizes, which he cherished and protected from the touches of strangers. Before he sat down at the table, Theodore was sure to choose and wear a hat to suit his mood. It helped him to concentrate and get inspired. The funny habit was apparently a success, as Dr. Seuss created such phenomenal children’s works as “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Grinch - The Christmas Snatcher”.

Salvador Dali and the snag from Spain

The peculiar figure of art was distinguished by a special superstition, and always took a piece of driftwood with him! The original eccentric believed that the particle of wood can scare away many evil spirits. On what this assumption was based, the most famous representative of surrealist artistry did not specify.

Agatha Christie and the Apple Bath

The most famous author of detective novels, the creator of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, came up with criminal intricacies while taking a bath and tasting juicy apples. It was the combination of delicious fruit, soothing “crunching” and warm water that helped Christie focus and build dizzying criminal schemes. The unconventional approach definitely turned out to be successful: during her lifetime, the writer released over 60 detectives known throughout the planet.

Share with us. Do you also perform any rituals? Maybe you go aboard an airplane with your fingers crossed, or when you see 22:22 on the clock, make a wish?

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