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At all times it was believed that people go to court to get the truth and justice. But lately, people go to court for ridiculous reasons or for no reason at all. People sue because of a wave stolen from the sea, because of a suicide, and even sure God Himself. And all are driven by one thing - the desire to make money from nothing.

Let’s look at 15 of the most ridiculous and ridiculous court cases.

1. this is probably the most famous court case: an old lady sued the manufacturers of microwave ovens for not staying in the instructions that the cat should not be cooked in the oven. After the accident with the furry beast, the court ordered to pay the old lady a large sum of money and to write a warning about cats in the microwave oven manual from now on.

American beer drinker Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch. He demanded compensation of $10,000 from the company for misleading advertising. He claimed that unrestricted consumption of Bud beer in no way contributed to the appearance of half-naked girls, as advertised. He won in court by suing again.

3. Terrence Dixon of Pennsylvania in 1998 tried to escape through a garage from a house he had just robbed. The garage door was broken, and he could not open it, and the back door to the house slammed shut. Terrence sat in the garage for several days, eating dog food. After getting out, he began a lawsuit against the owners of the house, accusing him of “psychological trauma.” He received half a million in compensation.

4. In 2007, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers began a lawsuit against... God! He accused the Creator of abusing people by inflicting various diseases and disasters on them.

5. In 1972, there was a trial against Reginald Sedgwick, a contractor for a construction company. He was accused of stealing the Cleckheaton station. The plaintiffs claimed that Reginald destroyed and removed the entire building to an unknown destination. The contractor was completely acquitted by the court.

6. 1874 Canadian Judge Francis Evans Cornish conducted a hearing against himself. The charge was that a member of the court was seen to be intoxicated in a public place. Cornish entered a guilty verdict and ordered him to pay $5 in fines. He then reversed the conviction, citing the defendant’s past perfect behavior.

7. In 2004, in Sri Lanka, a man was tried for yawning in the courtroom during a trial. The man was accused of yawning so disdainfully that it infuriated the judge. The poor guy was sentenced to a year in prison under the “contempt of court” clause.

8. An Oklahoma family sued Heinz, alleging that 42 grams of ketchup were not added to their ketchup jars. The court ordered the couple to pay $180,000.

9. A Brazilian lady sued her young lover, who had stopped satisfying her in bed. She lost the case, and the man hurriedly left her.

10. In 2006, a Shanghai guy was dragged to court for putting his...soul on an Internet auction. He was ruled that only the owner could bid on the item. To reopen the auction, the guy was ordered to get written permission from “a higher power.”

11 One woman sued the supermarket where she bought a coffee machine. The products were in boxes stacked on top of each other. When the woman pulled out the bottom box, she was hit on the head with the coffee makers that were stacked on top. She accused the supermarket of failing to warn her of this danger she was in if she pulled out the bottom box. She claimed that she had been physically harmed.

12 An American girl sued the manufacturers of T-shirts. The reason was that by wearing a T-shirt that read “Obama is my slave!” she was assaulted by four black guys in an African American neighborhood in New York City.

13. A suicidal man, after a failed attempt to kill himself under subway wheels, sued the city of New York. He demanded $650,000 for being hit by a train.

14. A young woman began a lawsuit against a young man who ran away from her days before her wedding. She expected to get $150,000 in compensation through the court for “pain and suffering,” all the costs of arranging the wedding, and for seeing a psychiatrist.

15. An American, who resembles Michael Jordan like two peas in a pod, sued the famous athlete. He justified it because this resemblance made him suffer; he was persecuted, and some even mocked him. 

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