Secrets of people with sound sleep

Posted on Nov 2, 2022      33

According to somnologist (sleep experts), sleep is the basis of a full life, the key to human health, and should be valued at any age. We want to share with you a few secrets of people who sleep well and have a lot of fun.

Most people treat sleep as something that you don’t have to remember and pay special attention to: “Sleep well - fine! Insomnia - no problem, I’ll take a sleeping pill!” However, it is very important to turn your sleep from a simple necessity to a pleasant and useful one. After all, it affects the productivity of the next day, well-being, and overall health.

Reuben Nyman, a psychologist and somnologist at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, states: “People look at sleep as just another routine activity, like brushing their teeth, for example. It is a kind of duty for modern people to disconnect from reality for seven or nine hours. They perceive sleep as something useless in the modern world”.

However, do not underestimate the inferior quality of night sleep. Accumulated sleep deprivation can ruin your life - mood swings, inability to concentrate on doing things, and general malaise.

But some people have changed their attitude toward night rest. For these lucky ones, it’s a genuine pleasure: leaving a party early, turning off the TV and computer. Going to bed on time and waking up refreshed and full of energy.

If you change your attitude toward sleep, it will only benefit you. We offer you a few secrets of people who sleep well and enjoy it.

1. They value their sleep

During REM sleep or the REM phase, there is an increased activity of the brain. The human brain can piece together thoughts and ideas in a way that it could not do in the waking state. Prof. Nyman says that the ability to dream has enormous implications for memory and creativity. Sleep enthusiasts believe dreams are important and reflect our subconscious. They try to be aware of them and to remember them. It is unnecessary to solve dreams, although, for many, it is a fascinating activity.

2. They prepare for sleep in advance

Before going to sleep, these people try to calm down and remove everything that can them irritate: a television set, a smartphone, or a tablet. For example, Nyman prepares to sleep by turning off the lights at 10 p.m. This is necessary, says the scientist, in order to fully adjust the body to rest and get rid of stress and anxiety, to relax. Somnologist compare modern business people to a fast car or an airplane. It is known that the more the speed of the car; the longer its stopping distance. And an airplane needs a decent runway. The busier and more active the day, the more time is needed to switch to rest.

3. Waking up in the morning is important to them

Loving sleep also means appreciating time for a pleasant morning nap. Adherents of this lifestyle try to stay in bed longer and edge into the waking phase. Experience a combination of sleep, fantasy, and wakefulness. If you are afraid of oversleeping and need an alarm clock, put on an unobtrusively slow tune. It is important that your awakening be calm, without irritants.

4. They have an active day

The Bed Time NetWork co-founder Lisa Mercurio described how her passion for sports helps her get a great night’s sleep. For all her busy and busy workdays, Lisa regularly runs long distances. She actually gets exhausted when she runs a few kilometers. It is physical fatigue that is a great sleep stimulant. It helps a woman put her thoughts in order, which often prevents her from falling asleep quickly.

5. They have faithful helpers for a sound sleep

Instead of sedatives and sleeping pills, adherents of good sleep use an analog of the natural hormone melatonin. The fact is that the human body reacts to light. It interferes with sleep. And since we don’t always fall asleep in the dark, melatonin is an excellent assistant in solving this problem. This drug helps the body to adjust the biological clock, telling us when it is time to sleep.

6. They forgive themselves for their irregular regimen

It is not always possible to fulfill the recommendations, which help to get a good night’s sleep. An evening cup of coffee, an exciting movie on TV, chatting online with friends or anxious thoughts can disrupt your sleep. But don’t feel bad. One sleepless night won’t affect your life. Tomorrow, just try to go to bed early or get some sleep during the day. And you’ll be fine!

7. Sleep is their top priority

So why do most adults stay up late? The reason is the lack of time for themselves. Work in the office during the day, and do household chores in the evening. So it turns out that there is almost no time left for your favorite activity. Here, spend 2-3 hours on your hobbies to the detriment of sleep. Try to increase time for themselves at the expense of other things, a minor change in schedule. As a result, you will sit down with a laptop or on the TV, for example, not at 22:00, but a couple of hours earlier. Then by 10 p.m. you will go to bed and fall asleep.

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