Simple tricks to train your memory

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      447

Youthfulness is not just about appearances as firm skin. Our internal organs also wear out. When the brain fails, serious problems begin. However, they can be avoided if you take care of yourself in time.

How to train your memory

According to research, by the age of 25, brain efficiency begins to gradually decline. However, don’t rush to get upset! There are simple techniques that will help maintain your memory and avoid many problems at a solid age.

Warm up your brain

Not only do our muscles and joints need a warm-up, but also our most important organ. As adults, we tend to stop learning new things and follow old habits. To keep an excellent memory, it’s important to constantly stimulate your brain, to challenge yourself.

Start practicing something new to you that requires total concentration. For example, learn to play some musical instrument or do crafts. The chief thing is that the activity was unfamiliar to you, to develop new skills.

Learn a foreign language

Studies prove that learning a foreign language is the best way to keep your brain malleable and avoid memory problems. Start with simple things and continually increase the level of difficulty as you progress. If you stagnate in one place, there will be little benefit.

There are many other perks to learning a language. You’ll be able to talk to people from another country, better understand their culture, even find a new job. And your brain will work efficiently, and your memory will remain good. Isn’t that motivation to take up Spanish or French?

Say No to Automatism

Every day we do the same activities in the usual way: we brush our teeth, get to work, cook dinner. In this case, the brain doesn’t really strain, turning on “autopilot” mode. Try changing old habits a little. For example, figure out a new route from home to work, try brushing your teeth with a different hand, eat lunch at a different cafe. This will help to wake up your brain and get it actively working.

Do crossword puzzles

Crosswords and puzzles of all kinds are very good for the brain. Not only do they expand your vocabulary, but they also engage parts of the brain that are inactive during routine activities. And crosswords train logical thinking and concentration. By the way, puzzles are also good for memory pumping.

Learn a poem

It’s not for nothing that we were given so many memory lessons at school. Try to memorize at least small fragments, speaking them out loud. This way, the text is memorized better. This approach trains the memory and makes thinking more vivid and figurative. This is very helpful both in creativity and in everyday life. Plus, poems will expand your vocabulary and your outlook in general.

Conduct mental excursions

The following exercise is great for memory training: recreate in your head the way to work, recalling the smallest details. Concentrate on the individual objects, the little things. Alternatively, mentally walk around your apartment and remember what lies where, how objects look like. This is a great way to develop concentration and get your brain working.

Tell stories

Try coming up with an interesting story every night about how your day went. This technique is also called “storytelling.” Recall minor details, come up with unusual descriptions. This will help you remember events better, even little things. Those close to you will surely appreciate such an exercise.

And if you don’t feel very comfortable sharing your story with others, you can keep a diary. This will also have a positive effect on your psychological well-being. Less stress means more effective brain activity.

Now you know how to train your memory. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about regular exercise, proper nutrition and reducing stress levels. These all play a key role in our brain health. And the above exercises will help you achieve maximum productivity, even at an advanced age.

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