Some of the Most Interesting Facts on Psychic Readings

Posted on Mar 11, 2022      109

Some of the Most Interesting Facts on Psychic Readings

Many people consult psychics to get advice on the different areas of their lives, including their health, career, family and love. Some go to psychics to learn about their past and future, as well as connect with their loved ones who already departed. Aside from meeting personally with the psychic, readings can also be done over the Internet.

  • Did you think that psychics know everything about you? According to them, while they have the ability to read your mind and know about certain areas in your life, they need to focus their energy on the area that you need help with, in order to have a clearer understanding or view on it. They don’t get a deeper reading on someone, unless asked, since the process can also drain their energy.
  • All psychics are readers, but not all readers can be considered psychics. Why? It’s because psychics do not just use scientific tools for interpreting things, but their senses as well. This includes the sense of sight, feeling, hearing and knowing. Readers on the other hand don’t use these senses as tools. They only study a specific system for reading to interpret the outcome like astrology and card reading.
  • Wondering where astrology originated? It’s believed that it came from the ancient Babylonians. It started two centuries before Christ was even born.
  • Where did the word zodiac came from? It came from the Latin word zōdiacus, which means circle of animals in Greek. It’s true that not all of the zodiac signs are represented by animals. However, most of them are.
  • Palmistry is the study of not just the lines, but the appearance, size and shape of our hands. It originated from India then spread throughout Greece, Egypt and China.
  • Palmists believe that the size of your hands can determine if you’re a thinker or doer. If your hands seem small compared to your body size, you act more often before spending time thinking on what needs to be done. But if you have big hands, it means that you tend to think through things before acting on them. So which one are you?
  • The shape of your hands could tell your personality. In palm reading, if the shape of your hand is square, it means that you’re practical and you’re a leader. If you have an oval shape hand, people see you as trustworthy and reliable. A round shaped hand on the other hand means that you’re impulsive, but you can manage things well.
  • There are different methods on how fortune tellers predict the future. One of them is Gelomancy. Not many people are familiar with it, but animal noises and hysterical laughs are being used to determine what the future holds. For instance, if a cat sneezes, it could mean that a rain is coming. So the next time you hear a cat sneeze, grab your umbrella just to make sure you don’t get wet if it rains.
  • Dream interpretation is another service offered by many psychics. If you’re wondering what your dreams really mean, you may want to consult an expert to have an idea. However, did you know that walnuts appearing on your dream may not be a good sign as it means loss? On the other hand, you’ll rejoice if you dreamed of an attic because it means that a friendship that’s very important to you will be renewed.
  • The United Astrology Conference predicted that Obama will win the presidency in the US. Well, it’s true that there’s always that 50% chance that he’ll win, which perhaps those who voted for him also believed. But whether it’s coincidence or not, the prediction was still correct.
  • How many Americans do you think believe in astrology? It’s 33% or 1/3 of the population. But over $100 million is spent in the US for it.
  • There are men and women that specialize in astrology. But did you know that there are more women who do? According to a study made by a site, 75% of astrology readers are women.

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