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BORN UNDER A LUCKY STAR​” so they say about people who have incredible luck. Such lucky people seem to be saved by a higher power in critical situations where any other person simply would not have survived. Here are some true stories proving that such people exist.

Robert Evans survived two accidents within seven hours

American citizen Robert Evans was returning home on his bicycle after a day of work late in the evening when he was hit by the wheels of a daredevil. The driver of the car fled the scene of the accident. Fortunately, doctors at the local hospital where Evans was taken to find no serious injuries and let him go home. Trying to return to his family as quickly as possible, the man took a shorter route across the railroad tracks where he was struck again by a passing train. The hospital staff at the hospital, where Roberts was taken repeatedly, was surprised, as this time too, he only sustained minor bruises.

Roy Sullivan: 7 Lightning Strikes

Over the course of 35 years, Roy Sullivan experienced seven lightning strikes, thanks to which he made it into the “World Book of Records”. Specialists have long fought over the scientific explanation of this phenomenon and tried to understand why he attracts electric discharges of natural origin. However, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Aaron Ralston: cut off his own hand to free himself from a rock slide

Fifteen years ago, extreme thrill seeker Aaron Rolstow conquered the top of Blue Joe Canyon and found himself in a crevasse blocked with rocks. The climber was there for over four days. The man could not report the accident and his situation (his hand was crushed by a rock), so he took radical measures to save himself: he amputated his hand with a folding knife and made his way down. How he had survived such an operation and remain conscious is a mystery to everybody.

Harrison Okene spent 3 days on a sunken ship without an oxygen tank

Five years ago, a ship sank off the coast of Nigeria. All but one of the crew perished. It was Harrison Oken, who was acting as a cook. At the moment of the shipwreck, the cook went down into the hold and could not get out. For three days he had been trapped in the resulting air pocket without light or water. When rescuers arrived at the scene to recover the bodies of the dead, they could not have been more surprised to discover the sole survivor.

Amazing? Of course it is. Life is full of unbelievable accidents. But that’s no reason to rush headlong into a maelstrom and tempt fate. There are not so many lucky people born under a lucky star, and if you are not sure that you are one of them, you should not take unnecessary risks.

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