The 10 smartest animals

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      171

You think you’re the smartest? You’d be wrong. Some animals are not only smart but also have such cognitive abilities that humans can only envy. Our selection includes 10 of the smartest creatures (not counting humans).

Pigeons, the oldest mail carriers, have been used for centuries by humans to send messages. They can navigate by the sun and remember the way covering long distances - their brain has an excellent “sense of the map” and “internal compass”. Humans, alas, cannot boast such functions.

Baboons. Cognitive abilities of these primates are like those of humans. And first, it concerns their behavior. For example, baboons can recognize and cope with stress. You should agree that not every human possesses such a skill. Baboons have a complex social system, they can think critically and collectively find solutions to problems. Also, they are born thieves - baboons are able not just to steal someone else’s things, but to plan a real robbery.

Dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror, they have rich emotional capabilities - for example; they make sounds when they are happy. They can be trained to play games and a special language of communication with humans. Dolphins are not only some of the smartest animals, but also some of the friendliest.

The dog is man’s friend, the most loyal animal on the planet. It is the only animal that will sacrifice its life for its master: dogs have a special instinct to protect their master at any cost. A dog’s brain capabilities depend on its breed. Any dog can be trained in a variety of skills. Some quadrupeds serve successfully in police and similar agencies and even take part in military operations.

Squirrels, of course, cannot compete in cognitive ability with humans, baboons or dogs. However, for searching for food, they are almost beyond competition here - they are ready for anything and they have an excellent memory. Agree, not a bad arsenal of abilities.

Octopuses are terrible animals, one of the most dangerous predators on Earth. For realization of their bloodthirsty needs, nature granted octopuses unusual skills. So, octopuses perfectly mimic, changing their color and merging with their environment to get away from danger. And they can also hunt their hunter - to replay the situation and attack the predator which is a threat to them.

Pigs have a long-term memory, they enjoy looking at their reflection in the mirror (although it is not clear whether they identify themselves there as large monkeys and dolphins do); they are well oriented in space and often pass hard tests with surprising ease: they find hidden objects, control a joystick.

Rhesus macaques are the most famous species of macaques. They can copy people, their facial expressions and habits. Rhesus macaques are believed to have excellent communication skills, can form complex social structures and behave according to their role. The rhesus macaque can smash a solid surface with a heavy stone and engage in fights - usually their attacks are not spontaneous but well planned.

The orangutan perfectly mimics human behavior and can learn to play and other skills: for example, it can learn how to use a nail and hammer to connect objects. In addition, the animal can adapt to an unfamiliar environment, learning the skills to survive in changed circumstances.

Chimpanzees are the most similar to humans and have the most impressive cognitive abilities of any animal after humans. They see, think and act like humans, can play games and even solve mathematical problems. It is believed that their brain capacity is comparable to that of a five-year-old child.