The 20 most interesting facts about global warming

Posted on Mar 24, 2022      229

Global warming is now an incredibly popular topic of discussion around the world, and for good reason. International summits are very often organized these days, where experts discuss the problems of global warming on the planet. Ecologists warn that if humanity does not take urgent steps to eliminate the problem, irreversible processes may begin on Earth.

We present to you the most interesting facts about global warming.

20 facts about global warming

1. Rapidly rising temperatures are raising sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, and expanding deserts.

2. Until 1850, temperatures were stable, but since the beginning of the 20th century, the average temperature has increased by 0.74 °C.

3. International experts say that the major cause of global warming is the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases caused by human activity.

4. The first people to be evacuated in 2006 because of rising sea levels were the aborigines of Tegua Island in the Pacific.

5. Experts predict that in the 21st century, the average greenhouse gas emissions on the planet will range from 1.7 °C to 4.8 °C!

6. Because of rapid global warming of the planet, the surface area of Arctic sea ice over the past 50 years has decreased by about a quarter, and its thickness has decreased by almost 2 times.

7. Did you know that animal agriculture accounts for up to 15% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, which is comparable to land and air transport emissions combined?

8. According to polls, about 30% of people in the U.S. and Europe believe that rumors of global warming are overblown.

9. Interestingly enough, the first official victims of global warming were orange toads, which went extinct in 1989.

10. Scientists increasingly say that rising temperatures will lead to irreparable processes - the release of carbon dioxide from the world’s oceans, where there are tens or perhaps hundreds of times more than in our atmosphere.

11. The Sahara, river deltas in Asia, and small islands will suffer the most from global warming.

12. By 2007, Australia had lost 25% of its crop production to desertification.

13. If global warming cannot be stopped, sea levels could rise from 50 cm to 98 cm, which would flood many regions.

14. The hottest year on record is 2015. Its average temperatures exceeded the previous temperature maximum by 0.13 °C.

15. The threat of global warming also worries the Catholic clergy. Pope Francis has publicly called on developed nations to curb economic growth before it is too late.

16. The World Wildlife Fund warns that global warming could lead to the extinction of polar bears within the next decade.

17. Each year, natural disasters caused by climate change cause over 60,000 deaths.

18. Because of progressive global warming, vegetation in the tropics is accumulating less protein, which leads to a lack of protein in herbivores.

19. Global warming will eventually lead to climate change in wine-producing areas. If temperatures reach a tipping point, grape growers will have to grow grapes at higher elevations.

20. Climate change will negatively affect the growth of bamboo, which giant pandas feed on. Scientists predict that by the end of this century, bamboo numbers will have dropped by 80%.