The benefits of warm water on an empty stomach

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      233

Doctors and nutritionists recommend starting every morning not with a cup of fragrant coffee, but with the use of warm water on an empty stomach. Here we will talk about the benefits of such a recovery and how to perform it correctly.

The benefits of warm water on an empty stomach

It is believed that it contributes to the excellent work of the intestines, the prevention of constipation, the release of internal toxins. Warm water drinks quickly from the stomach to the intestines, unlike cold water.

  • Warm water exercises the kidneys, cleanses the urinary tract, flushing out stagnant fluid.
  • The cleansing functions listed above give a healthy color and youthfulness to the skin. Rejuvenate the body improve immunity, help the bone and joint system.
  • Water, diluting gastric juice, reduces appetite, increases metabolism, helping to combat obesity. Of course, with compliance with the mandatory low-calorie diet and exercise.
  • Warm water on an empty stomach dilutes sputum in chronic diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, dry cough.
  • Water helps eliminate spasms of smooth and striated muscles. Water improves the body’s thermoregulation, sometimes even with a temperature increase caused by neurosis (thermoneurosis).

There should be no side effects from plain warm water, except an increase in swelling if you are prone to it. An excess of water during the day and in the morning on an empty stomach is no good for heart and kidney failure.

But you should not drink boiling water. It is proved that it can burn the oral cavity and esophagus, increasing the risk of malignant cell transformation.