The best sleeping position

Posted on Aug 23, 2022      231

To get a good night’s sleep, a person needs 7 to 9 hours a night. It is important to choose a comfortable and safe position. Considering that 95% of people sleep in the same position every night, in the long run it has a noticeable impact on their health.

The best sleeping posture

What do doctors say about the most popular sleeping positions and which ones are considered the healthiest and most dangerous?

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is one of the most beneficial doctors agree. The advantages of this pose:

  • The spine is not curved. The weight of the body is dispersed, there is no additional load on the neck and head.
  • The face does not touch the pillow, and it is good for the skin. Sleeping on his back does not provoke the sped up formation of wrinkles.
  • Sleeping on the back is good for the stomach - in this position it is below the esophagus which reduces the chance of heartburn.

The negative point is that people snore more on their back. The fact is that the tongue closes the airways.

Sleeping on your back with your hands up

Sleeping on your back with your arms up or spread apart is safe. But there are several negatives. As with normal sleeping on the back, people snore more in the “starfish pose.”

Discomfort in the shoulders - they can hurt in the morning.

Sleeping on your side

It is not dangerous to sleep on your side. The spine in this case curves naturally. However, this posture also has several negative side effects.

If you always sleep on one side, wrinkles may appear on the face and neck. Arms and shoulders may hurt after the night, especially if you put your hand under the head.

Sleeping on the right side may provoke heartburn. Sleeping on the left side threatens with increased pressure on several internal organs. But people snore less on the left side.

Pregnant women are recommended by doctors to sleep on the left side to maintain optimal circulation. Also, pregnant women should put a pillow between their legs.

Sleeping with your legs tucked against your belly

Sleeping in the fetal position is best for keeping you warm. But this pose gives increased stress on the joints, can lead to back and shoulder pain.

The same posture can cause respiratory problems and lead to an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is the most dangerous option, and here’s why:

  1. The spine suffers foremost. Without support, it sags unnaturally.
  2. Sleeping on your stomach can cause circulation problems, numbness and tingling in the shoulders and neck - because the head is turned sideways unnaturally.
  3. Your face, on one side of which you lie in this position, is at risk of wrinkles and puffiness.
  4. Because of the displacement of the jaw there may be an increased load on the teeth, you will ground your teeth in your sleep - it is called bruxism.

And the positive side of sleeping on your stomach is the absence of snoring and apnea (stopping breathing for over 10 seconds).