The biggest cat

Posted on Apr 8, 2022      62

The biggest cat is amazing for its size. As you know, cats are social animals that use a wide range of sound signals, pheromones and body movements to communicate. According to zoologists, today on the planet there are about 600 million domestic cats.

It is noteworthy that approximately 200 breeds have now been bred. For thousands of years, cats  have been valued by humans for their unique qualities and high intelligence, as well as for their ability to hunt rodents. So, in front of you are the biggest cats.

The biggest cats

Himmy the cat.

Once upon a time, the cat Himmy weighed 21.3 kilograms. Curiously enough, once in the Guinness Book of Records was the category “The world’s fattest cat,” because of which the winner of this nomination was Himmy.

Unfortunately, this cat died in 1986 at 10 years from respiratory problems. Soon, the Guinness Book of World Records removed the category from the list, in order to avoid the deliberate overfeeding of cats for the sake of setting records and gaining popularity for the owners.

By the way, the owners of the cat Himmi said that it was lazy and gluttonous, because of which it reached an incredible size. Shortly before his death, the animal could no longer move around on its own.

The cat Omar

One of the largest cats on the planet was found in Australia. It was a Maine Coon Cat named Omar. The cat had a body length of 120 centimetres and weighed 14 kilos. According to Omar’s owner, Stephie Hurst, her cat weighed about 10 kilos already in 1 year!

The cat Omar is the biggest cat in the world

The woman does not rule out that her Maine Coon can grow even bigger. The cat became world famous after the owner started Omar’s personal page in Instagram - “omar_mainecoon”. As of 2021, his account has over 160,000 subscribers.

Stefi regularly posts fresh photos and videos of the cat, which gather thousands of likes. Previously, the longest cat in the world was a Maine Coon named Ludo, whose body length is 118 cm.

According to Stephie Hurst, Omar is not prone to any aggression. During the daytime, the cat likes to play outside, keeping the dog’s company. Curiously, Omar likes kangaroo meat the most.

Top 5 largest breeds

This selection will present the largest breeds of cats on the planet, with the average height and body length of adults.

  1. Siberian: weight - 12 kg, height - 33 cm.

  1. British short-haired: weight - 12 kg, height - 33 cm 3.

      3. Chauzy: weight - 14 kg, height - 40 cm.

  1. Maine Coon: weight - 15 kg, height - 41 cm.

  1. Savannah: weight - 20 kg, height - 60 cm.

The winner of this rating is the Savannah breed, which was got by crossing African several and house cats. These animals are not prone to aggressive behavior and adapt well to their environment.

These pets tolerate water well and love to be outside. They are also characterized by a malleable character and great loyalty, which is comparable to the loyalty of a dog. This breed was officially registered in 2001. In 2015, Savannah cats were recognized as the most expensive cats in the world.