The chinese treat cancer with snake and toad poisons?

Posted on Mar 13, 2022      156

Every remedy in the world is a cure or a poison, even food. It all depends, as you know, on the dose. In the olden days, poisons were used extensively in treatment. But they were mostly of chemical origin: mercury, copper sulfate, arsenic and so on. What was the justification for such treatment? God knows. And the results were not encouraging. Poisons slowly built up in the body and people died not from their illness but from poisoning.

But why shouldn’t medicine adopt the natural poison? Isn’t it for nothing that a snake is drawn on the medical emblem? We remember this story is related to Aesculapius, but still...

I, for example, know a man who gets high if he gets stung by 15-20 bees at the same time. Isn’t that what his good health has to do with it? God forbid, I don’t encourage everyone to dive headfirst into the evidence, especially since some people are allergic to honey, not so much to bee stings. But I invite you to look into the place where poisonous toads and snakes are kept, in order to learn how scientists are trying to use the deadly poison of these cute creatures for peaceful, for medical purposes.

Animals and insects in nature use their venom to protect themselves from predators. There are many poisonous toads, but the most-too-many of them are Phyllobates terribilis and Dendrobatidae. I don’t know which frogs Chinese scientists at Yamanishi University have taken up, but they are convinced that the toad venom secreted by their glans slows cancer and helps heal cardiovascular disease. Of course, we are not talking about all the venom, but only about some substances it contains, which have a positive therapeutic effect. These substances have a suppressive effect on platelets and proteins, which contribute to the growth of tumors.

Snake venom acts similarly. The active poisonous substances contribute to the resorption of blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks. As we know, these diseases are the first in the list of deaths of humanity. Also, preparations based on poisons are successfully used for treatment of diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, some diseases of the digestive tract.

Chinese medicine, which in our country is unconventional, has long used, for example, powder from the skins of poisonous toads and snakes. There is even a legend that a wife wanted to poison her seriously ill husband and gave him a toad’s poisonous powder. The husband, instead of dying, was completely cured! The snake’s bile is also precious in medicine. Drugs made of it are much more effective than “Viagra” in increasing potency, help quit smoking, are effective for rheumatism and hypertension. Now the basis of Chinese medicine is just powders, ointments, tinctures based on snake and toad poisons.

Isn’t it time for us, too, to reach for the natural world instead of the chemicals that are killing us?