The harm of coffee: 10 reasons to stop drinking it immediately

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      344

If you care about your health, you probably heard that coffee is bad for your body. However, in what exactly is the harm of coffee, many imagine very roughly. Let’s try to bring all the negative effects of this drink together.

1. Coffee can negatively influence your ability to have children

Coffee can prevent you from having kids Coffee changes the hormonal landscape of your body because it stimulates the production of excessive amounts of the stress hormone cortisol in your adrenal glands. And in a woman’s body, an excess of this hormone can lower the level of progesterone, which is “responsible” for the possibility of pregnancy and its successful course. If a pregnant woman drinks over four cups of coffee a day, her risk of miscarriage is about 33%. The maximum harm of coffee for the continuation of pregnancy is noted by medics starting at the 21st week.

2. Caffeine interferes with the absorption of vitamins and minerals

If you drink over three cups of coffee daily or take caffeine-containing pills, this amount of caffeine is enough to completely neutralize vitamins B and PP. It also prevents the absorption of iron, potassium, zinc and calcium. Just 150 ml of coffee blocks the absorption of calcium for three hours. And not only does it block it, but it also rapidly flushes calcium out of the bones and teeth. Teeth fall out and break, and osteoporosis develops in the bones.

3. Caffeine causes obesity

Caffeine causes obesity Interfering with the adrenal glands, caffeine also affects the thyroid gland, which is “responsible” for proper metabolism. The harm of coffee is expressed because it knocks down the “settings” of the thyroid and slows down metabolism, which causes the body to gain excess weight. If losing weight in any way does not work, then it is time to think about giving up coffee.

4. Sleep disturbance

Usually when you have to do important work, when you have to endure a long night drive or when you just need to stay awake for a certain period during the night, we all drink coffee. However, if, on the contrary, you have problems falling asleep, then it is better to give up coffee altogether. And we should note it that with regular consumption of coffee, even while sleeping, your nervous system is in overexcited state and you cannot sleep well. And this is a direct way to the development of neurosis, depression and other negative phenomena.

5. Decrease of immunity

If you have poor health and you regularly suffer from colds or similar diseases, which show a low immunity, then this is also a reason to give up coffee. As already noted, the harm of coffee is to suppress the thyroid gland. And that handles the name system. Therefore, if you always were sick or, on the contrary, recently were sick more often than usual - give up coffee or reduce its consumption to a minimum.

6. Coffee causes depression

Coffee blocks the neurotransmitters that are essential for the production of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness. Although coffee can simulate the effect of “happiness” by nervous excitement, but this phenomenon is short-lived, and in the long-term lack of serotonin is guaranteed to lead to depression.

7. Coffee lowers the body’s energy level.

Coffee acts like an addictive drug. What’s more: you have to drink it more and more to keep the “positive” effect. At some point, your body simply stops responding to it, which is a terrible sign. This means that your thyroid is completely “crushed” by the constant high level of caffeine in the blood. The consequence is a constant fatigue, apathy and weakness, and there is nothing to get your strength back.

8. The harm of coffee for the liver

Coffee is difficult to digest. The liver needs to produce an increased amount of special enzymes to digest it. If you affect the liver with other harmful substances and products: fatty and fried food, harmful food additives, etc., then adding to it an additional load as coffee, you risk quickly getting a sick liver up to cirrhosis.

9. Coffee contains pesticides.

Today, we treat almost all commercially traded crops with an enormous amount of pesticides. Coffee is no exception. I regularly find almost all kinds of coffee in our store shelves in a whole “bouquet” of the most dangerous chemical compounds. The exception is so-called “organic coffee” grown without chemicals. But, as we understand it, it is almost impossible to find it in regular stores and its price is much higher than that of “chemical” coffee.

10. Lack of coffee improves sex life

And here the entire problem is caused by the negative effect of caffeine on the thyroid gland which we have already mentioned several times. The thyroid affects the production of testosterone, which in both men and women handles the sex drive. Less testosterone means a worse sex life. Once your thyroid is weaned off caffeine, you will notice an increase in desire and your sex life will be better.