The major signs of pregnancy

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      130

The first signs of pregnancy in every woman are completely individual, but by far the most basic sign is a disruption in the menstrual cycle.


The major signs of pregnancy

It is very important to determine the signs of pregnancy, because each symptom may not only be a symptom of pregnancy, but may also be a sign of a disease. Usually in expectant mothers, the first signs appear as early as a week after conception, and for some, they do not appear at all.

Here are some signs of pregnancy that are most common:

  • Implantation bleeding is the earliest symptom for many. It appears one week after conception. In many, this process occurs with elements of bleeding and cramping.
  • Disruption or delay in the menstrual cycle is the most common sign of pregnancy, forcing a woman to buy a pregnancy test.
  • excessive loss or gain of weight, constant fatigue, hormonal disruption, constant stress,
  • increased sensitivity and swelling of the breasts is a sign of pregnancy, appearing after 1-2 weeks of conception.
  • Apathy and rapid fatigue: - this symptom appears as early as a week after conception.

Now here are the later signs of pregnancy:

  • Toxicosis and nausea, as in poisoning - a well-known symptom of all pregnant women, usually begins with 3 weeks of conception. About 30% of women throughout pregnancy do not encounter nausea at all, and some suffer from toxicosis to the end.
  • Lower back pain - occurs in the ancient term and accompanies the entire pregnancy.
  • migraine or headache - may appear because of a sharp increase in hormone levels.
  • frequent urination - a week and a half after conception, a woman feels that she wants to pee more often than usual.
  • Darkening of the breast aureole - darkening of the aureole skin most times shows pregnancy, unless the woman has an imbalance.
  • Excessive craving for certain foods and increased appetite - it is unnecessary that the expectant mother will want a pickle, she may just want a certain product. Usually, this sign appears 1-2 weeks after conception and accompanies the entire pregnancy.

Other health conditions that can be mistaken for signs of pregnancy: poisoning, stress, gastrointestinal disease.