The most interesting facts about coffee

Posted on Oct 19, 2022      28

Many people around the world are used to start their day with a cup of aromatic coffee. It is a popular drink in many countries. World records, inventions, national holidays and traditions are associated with it. This review contains the most interesting facts about coffee.

Curious facts

Coffee is the drink of geniuses. Many philosophers, scientists, musicians of world renown considered it a source of inspiration. For example, Balzac drank 60 cups a day, Voltaire - 50, and Beethoven prepared the drink at 60 beans per serving.

Here are 10 more facts about coffee that will make you wonder:

1. The product is the 2nd best-selling commodity in the world after oil. Interestingly, both liquids are dark.

2. The beans contain over 1,200 chemical compounds, more than half of which handle the flavors.

3. Over 300 different devices have brewed coffee, and over 1,200 to grind and roast the beans.

4. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk every year. Per capita consumption is number 1 in Finland (12 kg per capita).

5. The scientific fact: 100 cups of coffee is a lethal dose for a person.

6. Caffeine is banned by the International Olympic Committee. At a reading of over 12 μg/ml of the substance in the urine, an athlete is subject to disqualification.

7. The most expensive sort in the world - Kopi Luwak, its price reaches $ 1,200 for 1 kg. It is made of musang excrement: the grains are harvested, washed, dried, and then used.

8. The first webcam was created thanks to coffee. Scientists designed and installed it at Cambridge University to quickly find out if the coffee machine is empty.

9. In 2010, Las Vegas made the largest cup of coffee of 35,000 servings.

10. Many countries celebrate National Coffee Day: in Ireland - September 19, in Japan - October 1, in Costa Rica - September 12.

Coffee traditions of different countries

There are also unusual facts about coffee related to national traditions. Different nations come up with their own unconventional ways of preparing the invigorating drink:

1. In Ethiopia, it is traditionally prepared by the owner of the house, and the guest cannot refuse such a treat, otherwise it will be taken as an insult. The drink is served with butter and salt instead of sugar.

2. In Iraq, coffee house owners are very respectable people. It is imperfect form to drink over three cups of this invigorating drink.

3. The Ecuadorians make a very strong coffee and keep it in the refrigerator. When necessary, they take it out and dilute it with boiling water.

4. In Damascus, a little thick coffee mixture is poured on the bottom of the bowl and touched with the tongue. In the beginning, you feel a burning sensation, and then you are invigorated.

5. In Yemen, new parents give their relatives and friends cardamom coffee to celebrate the birth of their child.

6. The Vietnamese prefer strong and cold coffee, which is brewed in a fin (metal filter mug) and drunk in small sips.

7. The Thais mix coffee beans with rice, wheat, and sesame, and add a lot of milk and sugar to the finished drink.

8. The Finns put some leipäjusto cheese at the bottom of the coffee cup, which melts and gives the drink a slightly sweet taste.

9. An interesting fact about the Greeks: if a girl brews a young man a coffee with a thick foam, it means that she likes him.

Influence on the body

Everyone knows that caffeine invigorates and increases efficiency, but this applies only to people prone to laziness. With workaholics, it is different. While women are energized, men’s work capacity drops.

Other unknown facts about coffee and its effects on the body:

  • a few cups a day reduce the risk of developing cancer
  • intestinal cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, heart attack, diabetes;
  • regular consumption speeds up fat burning by 20%;
  • increases female libido;
  • reduces muscle pain;
  • alleviates hangovers.

However, caffeine is a poison that protects plants from insects. In high doses, it causes hallucinations.

Unusual Facts

Everyone is used to the fact that coffee is a beverage. However, it is used for other, sometimes - completely unpredictable.

Surprising facts about coffee that will make you look at it in a new way:

1. The English town of Banbury operates a power plant that runs on coffee grounds.

2. The leaves of the coffee tree are used to make tea. It has a full-bodied flavor with no bitterness; it is less strong and contains less caffeine, but more antioxidants. Such tea is especially good for diabetes and heart problems.

3. At the Japanese spa resort Yunessun, visitors take a dip in coffee, which is believed to be a good tonic for the skin.

4. Coffee houses have been the epicenter of conspiracies in the past, which caused them to be shut down in various countries. It is established that the idea of at least one revolution - the Great French Revolution of 1789 - was brewing there.

Another curious fact: In 1674, the Women’s Petition against coffee appeared, stating that “black and bitter water” made people waste time and money. Despite everything, however, the aromatic drink only became more popular.