The sweetest foods in the world

Posted on Aug 26, 2022      1613

Sweet cravings are the most common of the various food cravings. People like to pamper themselves with confectionery and fruit, buying as much of it as possible. However, there are foods that need little - so sweet they will seem to even the most inveterate sweet tooth. Here is a list of the sweetest foods in the world.

In order to measure sweetness, a unit called SES (Sweetness Equivalence of Saccharose) was created, the reference point for which was sucrose. It is thanks we can compare to this unit that different products with each other.

The record among sweet fruits is broken by dates. The date palm fruit has a sugar content of up to 80 percent. On sale, they are most often found as dried fruit. By the way, dates are also record-breakers in terms of the glycemic index, so it is better to exclude them from the diet of people diagnosed with diabetes.

There is an Indian date called tamarind. It is quite dry and very sweet, which makes it look like candy. It is also very healthy and is widely used in medicine to treat digestive ailments and during fevers.

Sugar apples grow in the Philippines, the taste of which resembles a sweet apple puree. The locals consider it a special sweetness and sell it in small markets to tourists. However, it is difficult to eat the whole fruit in one go, as the taste in the mouth is too sugary.

The sweetener used in cooking is corn syrup. It a substitute for sugar in candy, chewing gum, and other products. It has a very high glucose content, which makes it dangerous for diabetics. Although the benefits of this product are questionable, manufacturers are in no hurry to abandon it because of its low price and sweetness that exceeds the sweetness of sugar.

Among the sweetest products, we can not cannot mention honey. Its benefits have been known since ancient Greece, but today it is not recommended for people with diabetes to eat large quantities of it. Honey contains up to 40% fructose and about 30-35% glucose. These are averages, as the type of honey can influence them.

By the way, the sweetest substance in the world is neotame, proposed in 2010 by NutraSweet. We know it as the food additive E961, which makes products much sweeter, because it is 30 times sweeter than aspartame and up to 13 thousand times sweeter than sucrose.