Tips for parents: How to make your child happy

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Tips for parents and useful recommendations that are worth

Childhood is the most magical time. Children easily believe in fairy tales, jumping on cracks in the asphalt, imagining that it is a red-hot lava, dreaming of going to a magical land for days on end.

There are useful recommendations that will allow parents to make this time the happiest in the life of a child, which, of course, will help him in adulthood. So, useful information for parents: how to make a child happy.

Embrace your children

Important advice for parents if you do not want your child to grow up withdrawn and unfeeling. Parents hug young children more often, but it’s important to do so even if the child is already grown up. Hugs are useful for several reasons:

  1. They make the child feel secure.
  2. Hugs promote the production of the hormone oxytocin (the hormone of trust and love).
  3. During a hug, a strong bond is formed between parent and child.
  4. Children who are hugged more often show their feelings more openly in the future.

Learning together to notice the unusual

For the baby, the most ordinary things are full of magic, but parents sometimes just do not understand why it is important to support the child in the desire to explore the world around them.

That’s why you should learn to see the extraordinary in ordinary things, and not kill this skill in your child. Then, and child-parent relationships will be closer and stronger, and the magic of childhood will last longer.

Incorporating Family Traditions

I remember how my parents and I used to sit down every Sunday in front of the TV with a delicious ice cream and watch the lottery. Dad would buy a ticket for each of us, and even though we never won, I still remember that time with relish. It is the most memorable tradition of my childhood, for which I am very grateful to my parents.

Psychologists say that family traditions allow children to feel that despite any difficulties they may have, there are always people in their lives who are connected to them by invisible ties.

Making up your own games.

Want your child to reminisce about his childhood with pleasure? Come up with a special game, considering his interests and preferences. Games with adults allow you to realize the child’s need for communication, and games that parents came up with on their own will also allow you to develop the child’s personality.

For example, you can build a similar starting field for fans of the cartoon “Cars”. Or make an air castle, using attributes from your daughter’s favorite cartoon/movie.

Always find time for a child

Of course, our list of useful tips for parents on raising children could not cannot include this item. Very often parents make the fundamental mistake - trying to get for a child all the material goods in the world, they spend very little time with him. But the joint pastime is very important, so you should as often as possible to pay attention to your child.

It is very important to listen to the child, because he has no one else to share their experiences. If Mom or Dad will discourage the kid from sharing their feelings with them, then in the future it may turn into withdrawal and other problems. If the whole family has dinner every day, discussing everything that happened during the day, you can increase trust between parents and children.

Don’t forget to praise.

Approval and praise help your baby understand what is good and what is bad. Also, it builds self-esteem, so you should not praise just because, but for cause. Then self-esteem is built properly. But do not make everything perfect, because it’s just impossible.

Fulfill the promise

Failure to keep promises undermines a child's trust, so think about it seven times before making promises. Plus, it sets a great example for your child.

Don’t overprotect

You can’t protect your child from everything, because he will still have to face some difficulties. Let your child learn how to go through life’s lessons on his or her own. Hyperopedicism - an alarming sign, so parents need to learn to cope with their fears, and not to spoon-feed the child for 7 years or not to let him out of the house alone at 14.

On this subject I like a phrase I often see on the Internet: “Relax! No matter how hard we try to be wonderful moms, our kids will still have something to tell their therapist".

Support in any situation.

Even in critical moments, you should first listen to a description of the situation on behalf of the child. He needs to know that even if he did something bad, his parents will not turn their back on him.

It is important to teach your child that every decision he or she makes has consequences. And parents themselves need to understand that it is important to forgive and be wise.

Don’t prepare for all the difficulties

It’s very sad when childhood is like a training camp, where a child has to go through a series of trials to prepare for adult life.

Childhood should not be taken away from a child. This time should be devoted to games and entertainment, and not to a course of express preparation for the realities of life. In the process of play, the child develops as a person, gaining experience in certain situations.

Parents, on a note, do not impose their dreams.

Very often, children choose a profession preferred by mom or dad. But since childhood, at the insistence of parents, they are engaged in dancing, though they dream of learning to sing.

If you love your child and wish him well, then give him the opportunity to make his own choice in favor of his favorite business, and do not impose an accounting profession for a brightly expressed humanity.

Working on mistakes

It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes, so get that information across to your child. Instead of shouting at your child for skipping a lesson, explain why this is bad, what the consequences could be.

Find out the reason for his/her actions. Maybe it is not laziness of the child, but in the lack of understanding of the teacher or classmates. Then, together with your child, find a way out of the situation.

Don’t demand what you can’t do yourself

Children learn everything from the example of parents, so many character traits can be corrected through them. If a child is often irritated and yells, look who else in the family has similar behavior.

Chances are, Mom or Dad behave, so it is important to learn how to correct your behavior. This will be followed by changes in the child.

Instead of a conclusion

I would like to end the article “Tips for Parents” with a famous statement by Arthur Schopenhauer.

Every child is a genius, and every genius is a child.

Stick to the above tips and advice and you can be a great parent and make your child happy.

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