Tips to help you stay young forever

Posted on Nov 3, 2022      137

To prevent your vital organs from aging prematurely and stay young longer, here are some helpful and affordable tips.

Hundreds of years ago, people had a much longer life expectancy than modern men. This is influenced by the rapid pace of life under constant stress, improper diet, and bad habits that can adversely affect the human body and life expectancy.

And of course, in the first place, the brain suffers. It is becoming increasingly difficult for it to perform its functions with age. The risk of developing such a serious illness as Alzheimer’s disease increases.

To avoid this, to prevent your vital organs from aging prematurely, and to keep you young for longer, here are some useful and affordable tips.

1. Change your diet

It is known that a healthy diet is good not only for your looks and body but also for your brain activity. First, change your habits. For example, replace your morning coffee with green tea. This invigorating drink contains less caffeine and is rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial for brain cells.

Let your daily diet comprise 40-50% vegetables, greens, and fruit. Try to keep your intake of salty, fried, and smoked foods to a minimum. Of course, it is unnecessary to eat salads and porridge all the time. Nutritionists have found that a Mediterranean diet, which is very rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, and olive oil, helps to improve brain cells and keep your mind clear. And don’t forget to reinforce with any nuts.

2. Exercise regularly

Physical activity (running, gymnastics, walking, cycling, and swimming) is necessary not only to look better and lose excess weight. It also has a beneficial effect on brain activity. It is proven that active people cope better with psychological tests, in which you have to quickly switch from one task to another.

Aerobic exercise increases blood circulation, improves memory, and stimulates the development of new brain cells. In doing so, new neural connections emerge. Any physical activity can replace a dose of antidepressants. It helps to cope with depression and stress. Experts strongly recommend doing any kind of sport for at least an hour and a half a week (about 20 minutes a day). This is essential for your health and longevity.

3. train your memory and broaden your mind

To keep your brain young, you need to load it with all kinds of tasks and tests. The fact is that the human brain can change. Always you can change your way of life, and give up bad habits. This property of the human brain is called neuroplasticity. Any mental load will help maintain the plasticity of the brain, as it contributes to the formation of new neural connections.

It is very useful to study a foreign language, play a musical instrument, draw, and retell the book you have read or watched a movie. This way, besides training your brain, you will also broaden your horizons.

4. Try to get enough sleep

When you sleep, not only do all the organs regenerate but also the brain cleansing process takes place. And for this, you need to sleep 7-9 hours.

The fact is that during sleep, the glymphatic system cleans the brain from neurotoxins, as well as from beta-amyloid and tau-protein, which causes Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep also cleanses the brain of alpha-synuclein. An accumulation of this substance leads to Parkinson’s disease.

5. Lead an active social life

It is known that human beings are social creatures. However, as people age, they socialize less with each other. Some people lead lonely life. They are more withdrawn and suspicious, and they are more likely to expect threats from strangers. Because their brains are weaned off communication, strangers are perceived as a kind of danger. And yet not only communication with relatives and friends but also new acquaintances contributes to cognitive health. People who stop getting to know each other and socialize less have a 70% decrease in mental capacity compared with more sociable people.

Psychologists recommend spending more time with family, and friends, and keeping up with new acquaintances throughout life. Also, do what you love to do and learn new things. Here, you will always have an excellent memory and a rational mind.

There’s no disputing the fact that we all want to keep young for as long as possible. And, as you can see now, taking care of your brain health is important for that.

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