What can be the causes of constant sleepiness?

Posted on Feb 26, 2021      183

9 reasons you feel sleepy all the time

1. Iron deficiency

Lack of iron in the body can lead to a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood and cause iron deficiency anemia. The concentration of this element not only affects the quality of sleep, but may also cause other problems. If iron deficiency is suspected, the right strategy is to take a general blood test, which will prove or disprove the diagnosis.

2. Restless Leg Syndrome

Some people just can’t sit or lie still. They need to move their limbs (most often the lower limbs) all the time, especially in the evening and at night. This condition is called restless legs syndrome. This person has trouble sleeping, so they need to see a doctor.

3. Vitamin D deficiency

Because of a lack of vitamin D there is constant fatigue, decreased concentration and disturbed sleep. Sometimes a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to apnea syndrome and affect the metabolism. Vitamin D is produced in sunlight, and therefore should be taken in the winter, with short daylight hours.

4. Sleep apnea

Apnea is a temporary respiratory stoppage leading to insufficient blood supply and resulting fatigue and absent-mindedness in the morning. During an apnea attack, the walls of the airways narrow and oxygen does not reach the lungs properly. Risk factors are overweight, smoking, snoring.

To reduce the risk of apnea, you should sleep on your side, not drink alcohol at night, take sedative drugs (to keep the throat muscles in tone), stop smoking and take your weight under control.

5. Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure occurs with heart irregularities, significant blood loss, overexertion or prolonged stress. Besides drowsiness, irritability increases, headache and dizziness attacks become more frequent, fainting occurs. The best treatment of hypotension is prevention as a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and daily regime.

6. Depression

One of the constant symptoms of depression is chronic fatigue, apathy. If you suspect this insidious disease, you should immediately go to the doctor.

7. Hormonal disorders

Problems with the endocrine system can cause frequent mood swings and sleepiness. This is especially true for women, since their hormonal cycle changes throughout the month. Sleepiness may come 5 days after menstruation and then disappear. Another common pathology, hypothyroidism, or a lack of thyroid hormones, causes slowed metabolism in the body, leading to lethargy and sleepiness. In order to get a proper diagnosis, it is worth seeing an endocrinologist.

8. Side effects of medications

Often drugs besides the desired effect can have side effects. And if some of them are difficult not to notice, then sleepiness can be missed, writing off its appearance on something else. This is especially true for antidepressants. Therefore, if this is suspected, it is worth replacing the medication.

9. Infectious diseases

In viral, gastrointestinal infections all the time you want to sleep, and this is the norm. A weakened body requires rest and appropriate treatment.

However, in practice, fatigue and sleepiness are not caused by a single cause, but by a combination of different factors. In order to avoid problems with sleep and health, it is important to systematically undergo medical examinations, get timely tests, and avoid self-medication.