What city is in danger of disappearing under water?

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      335

In the early 1960s, the population of one city was shocked by the news that it was gradually going under water. It was Venice. The news that the city was sinking 2.5 millimeters a year, and that the statue of Campo San Stefano, in the center of Venice, was already 13 centimeters under water, made the residents think about the future.

Venice is 118 scattered islands in the lagoon, which are connected by bridges and crossings. Islands fused into one organism, from isolated pieces of land to a coherent and beautiful city. Emerged on marshy islands, it became one of the most powerful and colorful empires of the early Middle Ages.

That Venice is gradually sinking under water was discovered by ancient settlers, who were forced to rebuild the city twice, moving to higher islands. During the XX century Venice is sinking rapidly (up to 5 mm per year), as a result the land has sunk to 23 cm.

What is the reason for this misfortune? Industrial water extraction from artesian wells and, as a result, the lowering of the aquifer is to blame. The wells were closed and the sinking of Venice slowed down, but did not stop. According to scientists, Venice could become uninhabitable as early as 2028.

They are trying to save Venice. The Moses Project was developed, which plans to build airtight barriers around the city.