What color is the human brain?

Posted on Nov 22, 2022      1624

A little about the structure of the human brain

Many people think the brain is made up of gray cells. However, as long as a person is alive, the color of the brain is pink. The color of this organ depends on the blood vessels. If there is no flow of oxygenated blood to the brain (this occurs when the brain is removed from the skull), then the color of the human brain will be gray.

The living brain comprises gray and white matter, the ratio of which is about 40: 60. These 2 concepts still can not accurately describe the color that a person can see, but if you cut the white and gray matter into thin strips, their cross-section is 2 completely different types of brain tissue.

The gray matter contains the cells in which information is processed. In this operation, the brain requires about 94% of all the oxygen that comes with the blood. The white matter is the fatty protein (i.e., myelin), which plays an important role as an insulating sheath for the neuronal outgrowths of dendrites and axons. This is the brain network that connects different parts of the gray matter, and with it the gray matter itself with the rest of the body.

By the way, men have 6.5 times more gray matter in the brain than women. But women’s brains contain more white matter - about 10 times more. Another white matter in women is mainly in the frontal lobes, and in men in this place there is absolutely no white matter. Currently, scientists have dispelled the latest myths - now it is known for certain that it is the frontal lobes play a dominant role in controlling emotions, in addition, they form the character traits and intelligence, which in general determine the personality. Most likely, the brains of women and men actually differ, and in a very cardinal way. As a result, the opposite sex has approximately equal intelligence, although the result is achieved by different methods.