What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      222

Why is the Bermuda Triangle a dangerous place?

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on our planet. It is called the Gateway to another dimension and the Sea of the Devil. Whoever ends up in this place disappears forever.

The Bermuda Triangle became famous in the middle of the 20th century, when a ship disappeared there without a trace. This zone is anomalous, where, for unknown reasons, ships disappear from radar screens and crash.

Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South America.

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has troubled humanity for over 70 years. In 1945, this area without a trace disappeared 5 torpedo bombers “Avenger” with an experienced crew.

The pilots reported a failure of navigation equipment. A couple of hours later, the crew saw land, but were so scared they did not recognize it and did not dare to land! The wreckage of the bombers was never found. In addition, the Martin Mariner seaplane was also missing.

Anomalous activity in the Bermuda Triangle was discovered even by the famous traveler H. Columbus. He noticed that the compass hands were rotating with a frantic rhythm.

In this anomalous zone, over 100 ships and more than 1,000 people have disappeared. There are many versions of these disappearances, sometimes too mystical and ridiculous.

Canadian scientists made an interesting discovery - at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle deep-sea robot found sunken Atlantis! There were hidden roads, tunnels and buildings, a glass pyramid and a sphinx. Scientists have suggested that the ancient city could belong to the civilization of Teotihuacan, which existed in Mexico 2,000 years ago.

Below are the most common myths about the ill-fated triangle.

1. Massive killer waves causing shipwrecks. Shipwrecks are not found because they sink deep into the ocean floor.

2. anomalous magnetic field-it is believed that in the past people were not even aware of the peculiarities of the Earth’s magnetic field. In the 18th and 19th centuries, crews of missing ships could not correctly determine the course by compass and disappeared.

3. abnormal weather in the Bermuda triangle movement of a current of Golfstrom is extremely prompt, frequently changing speed and a direction. Because of this there are whirlwinds and vortices, causing shipwrecks.

One way or another, the mysteries about this mysterious place are not getting any smaller, and scientists still have a lot of research to do.