What is the difference between English boxing and Thai boxing?

Posted on Mar 13, 2022      510

English and Thai boxing: what is the difference?

Boxing is a type of martial arts, the key feature of which is to strike athletes only with their hands wearing suitable gloves. Such fist fights were mentioned a long time ago, back in the antiquity. Then boxing became one of the Olympic sports. In its modern version it appeared only in England in the 18th century, and in the mid-19 th century was defined the first set of rules, relevant to the present day. By the way, this list regulates the mandatory presence of gloves on athletes during the fight. It is worth noting that the rules were finally recognized in 1882. The classical variety of boxing is now called English boxing.

Thai boxing is a kind of martial art, which originated in Thailand. The second name of this martial art form is muay Thai, which means “free fighting”. Punches in Thai boxing athletes perform using their fists, elbows, feet, knees and knees. During sparring, athletes wear gloves, as with conventional boxing. It is noteworthy that in its homeland, Thai boxing is among the compulsory exercises in police training.

Thus, the major difference between Muay Thai boxing and the ordinary boxing lies because blows are not only made with the fists. Not without reason, Muay Thai is also known as “eight limbs fighting”.

The main difference is that boxers are prohibited to beat each other below the waist plus they are prohibited to push each other, to make asphyxiation techniques, to kick each other, to bite each other, to spit and to kick on the back or the lumbar area.

In Muay Thai kicking is used more often and is considered more effective. In modern Muay Thai boxing under the prohibition of grappling, punches to the groin, choking techniques and amplitude throws, hitting the opponent’s head and attacking the fallen. During the fight, points are also removed for insulting the opponent.

English boxing requires a square ring for the fight, the side of which in modern competitions can vary from 3 to 7 meters. Boxers fight in 3-minute rounds with an interval of 1 minute.

But Muay Thai bouts are held under the music, which sets the rhythm and helps fighters to focus on blows. Time round, as for conventional boxing, is 3 minutes, but the fight takes place in a square ring with a side of 6 meters.

And while classic boxing restricts athletes to striking tactics, it is a relatively safe sport. Muay Thai is one of the most traumatic and harsh martial arts. Until 1929, when the rules of winning on points were established, athletes often left the ring dead or badly maimed. And to surrender was considered a great disgrace.