What not to eat on an empty stomach

Posted on Apr 14, 2022      81

Did you know that there are some foods that are strictly not recommended to eat on an empty stomach? And that you don’t feel unwell after it doesn’t mean that it can’t hurt you.

In principle, most educated people know approximately what not to eat on an empty stomach.

However, in our age, the age of consumption, any reminder about proper nutrition will be useful. 

So, let’s begin.

Chips, snacks and cookies

Did you know that five crackers can contain up to 100 kilocalories? Of course, they will not conquer hunger, and this is the main point of all fast food.

In a hurry you eat such food, which is a huge amount of carbohydrates rapidly raises blood sugar levels, creating the illusion of satiety, and then just as quickly lowers it.

And then you want to eat again. Naturally, you again go to the diner, and you step on the same rake.

But what if you need to satisfy hunger quickly? It is better to eat 1-2 sandwiches, for example, with chicken.

Foods with a lot of spices

When you really want to eat, the smell of various spices only increases the appetite. And so you greedily pounce on fragrant dishes with spices.

It should be remembered that even if the soup in front of you is simple, it can be made not very useful for a hungry stomach, if you add their spices.

Scientists recommend leaving such dishes for the second, when the stomach already has something in it.

Here we should add that spices such as cumin or coriander do not affect the walls of the stomach aggressively, so they can always be eaten.

If you have to eat spicy food, remember that a couple of sips of milk or unsweetened yogurt can restore the acid-alkaline balance.

Coffee, Mint, Orange and Ketchup

All the foods listed in this subtitle have a negative effect on an empty stomach. They all stimulate increased acidity and, as a result, potential heartburn.

They are not recommended to be eaten on an empty stomach for everyone, without exception. But if you have gastritis or other digestive problems, then these products are strictly forbidden.

On an empty stomach, it is better to eat porridge, mashed potatoes or peas, or boiled vegetables, which are a lot of the useful fiber.

Here applies to quote a famous gastroenterologist. One patient, after being examined by him, asked a question:

- Surely I can’t have coffee at all now, right?

- ‘Of course not,’ the doctor replied. ‘it’s just that you have to have a couple of spoonfuls of something neutral, like oatmeal, before you have coffee.

In conclusion, it remains only to add that everything is good in moderation. So if you approach food without abuse, the rare violations of the norms described above will not critically affect your health.