What to do if you feel sleepy all the time?

Posted on Oct 31, 2022      37

If you are always in a state of sleepiness and lethargy, and in the morning, the sound of the alarm clock is the most annoying in the world, it’s time to change something. And in what direction to move - we’ll tell you.
The life of modern man is connected with great physical and emotional stress. Sometimes I want to throw everything and just sleep. In the morning, you dream of a pillow, but you have to go to work. Yes, and during the working day, something inclined to sleep. What to do?
We offer you the simplest tips that will help you recharge your energy and vigor for the entire day at work.


Of course, all the recommendations listed here are useful. However, the easiest thing is to get a good night’s sleep. A night’s sleep should be healthy, sound, and full. A person should sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Ventilate the room

One cause of drowsiness is a lack of oxygen. Fresh air always helps to get rid of sleepiness and feel more awake. It’s enough to open a window and let fresh air into the room. And if you still have time for a short walk in the fresh air, it’s even better.


If you rested very well, but you still want to sleep, it may be a matter of physical and psychological fatigue that has accumulated over a long time. Lingering stress can lead to fatigue and loss of sleep. And the desire to sleep is a protective reaction of the body. Here, physicians strongly recommend the correct alternation of work and rest. Try not to be overworked, avoid stress and spend more time in the fresh air.


Boredom usually causes a drowsy state. If you’re overcome by sleep during the workday, you just need to get up, stretch your legs and unwind. For example, walk to the nearest public garden, and get some fresh air. If you have a monotonous job, it should be alternated with abrupt breaks. Often we go to sleep if we read a boring book, watch an uninteresting movie, or just communicate with an annoying interlocutor. This is where a change of activity can help.

Turn on the lights

Drowsiness comes with shorter daylight hours. Daylight, when it hits the retina, regulates melatonin production. Simply put, it sets our biological clock. Therefore, to feel more awake, we need to open the curtains or blinds. And if it is already dark outside the window, turn on the light, and brighter.

Have a snack

It will help to dispel sleep and will bring cheerfulness with a healthy and proper snack. Experts proved that all kinds of spices (ginger, turmeric, pepper), as well as complex carbohydrates, are much more active than heavy and fatty foods. Apples, dark chocolate, ginger, green beans, zucchini, buckwheat, and oatmeal are great for this. You can use ginseng and Eleutherococcus as nutritional stimulants for activity.

Think about proper nutrition

Eat regularly, preferably at the same time. Don’t be overly fond of junk food. However, you should not overeat even healthy foods. Try to keep a balance in your diet. Provide your diet with proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Regularly consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. Drink the right amount of water.

Take a nap

Medics have proven that a short daytime nap can increase activity and performance. Analysts at Georgetown University proved that during daytime rest, the left hemisphere of the brain, which handles memory and logical thinking, is less active as it recovers. That’s why the body becomes more active after a day’s sleep. A person becomes more vigorous and assimilates the information well.

Short-term sleep can be more useful than a long nap. According to experts, it’s enough to take a nap for 20-25 minutes, and you’ll feel much more active. Also, physicians say that it is very important not to take a nap in the evening. It may cause insomnia at night. The fact is that in the dark time of the day, a person produces melatonin. This is the substance that handles sound and deep sleep. And when you sleep after sunset, the body cannot produce this substance. The result is insomnia and headaches in the morning.

Refresh yourself with cool water

The stress the body gets from cold water helps to cheer up for a while. To relieve fatigue, wash your face and hands. Better yet, if possible, take a refreshing shower.

Have a cup of coffee

Specialists in many countries have long proven that caffeine affects the activity of people, contributes to the appearance of alertness, and increases efficiency. It, getting into the blood, acts as a substitute for adenosine, a substance that reduces fatigue.
However, if you still feel sleepy while following all the tips, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Sleepiness can be a sign of illness.

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